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98-00 mirrors on a 97 600 Kat

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  • 98-00 mirrors on a 97 600 Kat

    Has anyone replaced their 97 OEM mirrors with those on the newer Kats (98-00)? The base looks the same to me bu I dunno if they would fit on the 97 Kat. I broke both my mirrors during a rough move (I know , i know should have taken them off...thats a long story) and need to replace them. I hate the dorky looking 97 Kat mirrors and want to get the sleeker lookin newer kat mirrors on.....please if anyone has seen them or done lemme know.....gotta get mirrors on quick.

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    yes its been done alot by pre 98 owners. personally i think they look way better than the older mirrors. there might be a few modifications to get them on your bike, but when its on, you'll be happy. good luck!
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      You do have to drill a new mounting hole in the 98+ Mirror to match the holes on the pre-98 frame. Not to much work for a nice improvement.
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        Ay idea what mods? Is there a website that tells this? Thanks for the info irene. At least I know it can be done.Am ordering a pair on e-bay right away.


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          here's a pic of my friend jae's pre98 with the 98+ mirrors. sorry, no front view pics
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            Special K has a couple bikes that he has done this to. He told me that he has had problems with the clutch and brake levers hitting the mirrors at full lock. For that reason I opted for the OEM pre-98 mirrors on mine.


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