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Bar Ends..Grrr

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  • Bar Ends..Grrr

    I've been trying to get my bar ends off for a while now. I have officially stripped the screws after smacking the screw with a hammer to break them loose, broken two ez outs trying to unscrew them that way...
    So whats next?

    I'm at a loss here and getting a tad frustrated.

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    Well, if you have stripped the heads, I imagine you are gona have to drill them out
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      Are you near a Sears?

      Stock bar ends? And is it still completely tight? If that's the case, I had the same problem when I took my stock ends off. My solution? A pair of vise grips clamped down on the bar end and a quick counter clockwise jolt which loosened the srew a bit. Good Luck.


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        I ran into a helluva time trying to get my stock bar ends off too. I swear those things were put on by Andre the Giant on a steroid kick !!! After about 30 minutes of trying to get them off. I banged the shiat outta them with a hammer, and they broke free. but man it was a pain !!!

        but stripped..ouch ! yeah, easy outs are prolly ur best bet.


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          The best way to go is good ol' hand held impact driver. Get one at sears, its like 20 dollars. What I'd do, since you stripped the screws, is take an air powered cutting wheel, cut a straight line in the head of the screw, take the flat heat bit of the impact driver, and put it in the groove you cut in the stripped screw. Wack the impact with a hammer. Thats the way to go. An impact driver is really the only way to get the bar ends off, and that is clearly stated in the suzuki factory repair manual.


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            I have one of these that works great.


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              Another person finds out the hard way that barends are put on with permanent locktite at the factory

              Cutting a grove in whats left of the head and using an impact is going to be your best choice at this point I think.
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                Fun, Fun, Fun, always a Biatch to take them off, like Jim said. Good Luck Otla, I am at a loss here to be able to help aside from telling you to get on and get new bars.
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                Who knows what is next?
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                  Ok once you've removed the bar ends do you need to put permanent locktite back on? Will they rattle off if you don't? Has any one seen the barends that has or tried to put those ones on a Kat? They look cool but don't know if they'll fit on a pre 98 Kat...
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                  nah nah nah nah nah nah JAX! (special thnx to sexwax)


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                    Also helps if ur father in law is a welder and has more tools than Mr Goodwrench, like mine does ! man those things pi$$ed me off to no end till I got them free.


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                      Originally posted by Jax
                      Ok once you've removed the bar ends do you need to put permanent locktite back on? Will they rattle off if you don't? Has any one seen the barends that has or tried to put those ones on a Kat? They look cool but don't know if they'll fit on a pre 98 Kat...
                      I didn't, and I lost a bar end at the Gap. I would at least put some sort of locktite on....but not permanent.


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                        there are only a few methods to remove stuck bolts

                        drill / cut off

                        ez out or similair

                        weld / torch or otherwise heat

                        penetrating oil

                        mechanical advantage

                        in your case you can try the above cut a groove and turn method, but here's what is going to happen most likely, the groove you cut is going to split open and break off - but try anyway b/c you might get lucky

                        I would probably try and heat it up a bit with a torch as this will loosen some types of locktite (some are specifically heat resistant) and then try the groove and turn method

                        most important is stay calm and take a systematic approach - if yu get pissed you are going to hurt something else and make more of a problem - worst comes to worse you carefully drill them out - start small and work up to larger bits
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                          Hang on, hang on! First, do you care about the stock bar ends? If not, stick a pair of big old vise grips on that sucker and give it a sharp turn. It may not work for you, but it sure did for me. The bar end was tight against the bar giving enough friction on the screw head to break it loose. Try the easy things first.


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                            AHF thats a good plan..
                            paperairplane what??
                            You don't recommend blasting it out in one go like me?? LOL


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                              I had no trouble...sure they were tight and all...but I am strong!

                              I was actually smart enough to realize they were loctited (is that a verb) on and used a ratchet and a #1 phillips driver bit...TORQUE (not the movie) have to push against it to get it out too.

                              They never came off, so no locktite was needed to re-fasten