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anyone ever use an air shifter?

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  • anyone ever use an air shifter?

    Has anyone ever used an air shifter? If so, how well do they work? How much work is involved to set it up? Do you still use the shift lever or is it a push button? I know squat about them.
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    I had a friend that had a shifter on a drag bike, his was electric I believe, and you used a push button. Not sure how it worked all together, but was fun as hell to ride.
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      Do you still use the clutch with the air shifter?
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      • #4 I said, I know squat 'bout them.
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          There are different kinds on the market, both air and electric. Done right, they momentarily interrupt the power to the coils (1/3rd of a second or so) to unload the engine before forcing the shift. No clutch used, but these are primarily for drag applications, where shift-times play heavily into trap times. The air shifters normally only shift in one direction; the electric shifters come in both varieties -- up and up+down shifting.

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            If you dragrace they are great. If not dont bother. We all in my area use them to race but only use them on the street when we are screwing with each other.

            Cyber explained the main stuff.
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              i'd be interested in getting one. doubt i'd put one on the kat, but the next bike is fair game.
              if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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                ive driven cars with air shifters b/4..but never on a bike..I dont know much about them either..but they sure sound cool. 8)


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                  My buddy has them on all his bikes.. air shifters..
                  he mounts a mini compressor on the bike,
                  works great on the track..

                  full throttle and a click of a button, then another click, so so forth.. it is pretty cool
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                    i have one on my 1850 kawi it is a drag bike . you dont use cluch and also you have to put air in it about every pass or two . they are not smart for anyother type of rideing . they only shift one way