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Brake pedal too high?

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  • Brake pedal too high?

    Hi all, thanks for reading...

    I'm 6 foot 3 and drive a 95' Katana 750.

    I feel like the brake pedal is just too high for comfort, feels like I have to hold the tip of my foot in the air so as to not drag the rear brake. Anyone understand what I'm talking about?

    I tried moving the adjustment all the way down but it's still a bit uncomfortable, I also tried moving it all the way up and off-setting the pedal by one notch on the shaft but not much difference...

    So, any tall riders faced this? Solutions?


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    One idea may be to only place your foot on the pedal while braking, or move the ball of your foot to the peg while riding.
    Or at least thats what i do


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      Agreed, I told ride normally, with my foot resting on the rear brake, or covering it, as it's called. I know this is common place for some, and alot of newer riders as well. The brake light is pretty sensitive, so if u cover the rear brake, u'll inevitably press down on the pedal alittle bit and ur brake light will on more than you know. The only bad thing about this is, it wont necessarily really engage ur rear brake too much, but it will keep the light and possibly confuse drivers behind you as to ur intentions.

      I just the ball of my foot on the peg usually. 8)


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        i'm 6 foot 4 and i here you about the lever. i have an 04 and mine is adjustable, but i usually just ride with my foot on the peg, not really covering my back brake (unless i'm in traffic). thats just my style though...
        if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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          There are two adjustments.
          The first one is in the linkage between the master cylinder for the rear brake and the master cylinder itself; this adjusts the position of the brake over a reasonable distance. If you need more than that, the other adjustment is removing the lever and shifting it on the indent star to a new slot.

          If these still don't do it for you, you may want to look into rear-sets or get the brake lever modified by a welder.

          KNOW THIS:
          The adjustment by the master cylinder is a PIA to work on.

          =-= The CyberPoet
          Remember The CyberPoet


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            Thank Cyber,

            But I had already tried to do both adjustments to no avail.

            Now, one this I DID notice:

            Yesterday, I went to the bike show here in Montreal, sat on a 2005 Katana 750, wow, right off the brake pedal was ok, no adjustments. I looked closely, it seemed somewhat shorter to me than the one on my 95.
            Like the actual distance from the peg to the brake pedal is less on the newer models... It was set to the same height relative to the peg, but being shorter, not as much in the way when your foot lies on the peg...

            So, that having been said, 2 questions arise:

            1- Can anyone confirm that the new pedal really IS shorter
            2- Can I switch them?



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              Wish I could help, but I always ride with the balls of my feet on the peg.
              2000 Kat 600
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                Odd, I have a 34" inseam and I find the pedal a tad low..