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  • Mirrors / riding position

    I, like probably most of the people on this forum, enjoy hunkering down and getting behind the windscreen and going. For me, it makes me feel like I am going faster than I really am, and I bet it looks kinda cool too...

    The problem is that when I hunker down, I can't see out the mirrors anymore. Now I know that normally you don't need them at speed, but it still makes me feel uneasy not being able to see behind me.

    Is this common, or am I just insane? Anyone have any fixes for this?

    Oh, and I run just about 6' (two metres, for my over seas friends), if that makes a difference

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    Best way to fix the mirrors so you can see out of them is not to hunker down.

    And no, hunkering down doesn't make you look cool.

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      I am 6'5", and with my JR Jacket on, I can't see squat behind me. Unless I lift a arm or something.

      Look at it this way, if you are riding in a manner that you are going to be needing to see behind you, you are not going to be hunkered down, so adjust your mirrors to a normal, lane switching, line of sight.

      See how that works.
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        The mirrors are not for tucked positions anyways...

        If your tucked, that means your going for less wind, more you NEED to keep your eyes forward anyways (especially if you are going real fast)

        IMHO, your mirrors really can't be positioned to look straight behind you (especially on kats...not talking about any goldwings here), but can be positioned to look about 20 degree from straight back...which should work nicely since you really shouldn't be riding dead center of the lane anyways.


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          Yup, if you're hauling arse and all croutched down on the tank and behind your eyes dont leave whats in front of me...because if Im going that fast, whatever is coming up behind me is even faster which I dont wanna know about.

          Really though, when ur looking to go faster, its all eyes forward and make as little wind resistance as possible...the only thing u could do is move the mirrors more forward on the fairing, which would put them out in front of u more so u could see out of them when croutched down..but thats an aweful lot of work.


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            Your mirrors should really be able to see at least the rear 1/3rd of car whose front bumper is parallel with your ankles... That means craning them outward some -- think blind-spot coverage. I don't know about what to do with a tuck position in terms of mirrors, but is building a helmet with an integrated rearview system

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              Geez , my mirrors must be pretty cool then or something . If I can get them adjusted right , I can see behind me quite well . And in those rare instances when I'm in that pseudo-racer crouch (highway , cold out), yeah , the mirrors become useless . But I can reposition them so I can still see behind me again . It only takes a second to reach down and reposition the thing . And I DO scan the road ahead of me to make sure that nothing too bad is waiting for me in the second it takes .
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                I have the small blind spot mirrors stuck on the stock mirrors. I think with those, my field of vision greatly increases in either case. Best couple of bucks I spent.
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                  Alright, thanks. And when I'm tucked in, I don't LOOK behind me, but I like watching with my periphrial(sp) vision. But thanks for the instight


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                    My kat mirrors afford me more vision than alot of other bikes have..just have to do that little lean side to side, to get full vision, as it normally catches part of my arm in my reflection. But I can see pretty well overall.

                    a benefit of being on the shorter side


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                      Originally posted by SweetLou
                      I am 6'5", and with my JR Jacket on, I can't see squat behind me. Unless I lift a arm or something.
                      I had that same problem, so I replaced the oem mirrors with aftermarkets & mounted them just below the original place the oems were mounted, I no longer have to move my arms to see behind me. I don't know if this would work on your current bike but maybe you can find some taller/wider mirrors.
                      I don't know how fast my bike goes, I've never stopped to find out.


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                        There are only 2 instances when I tuck in:

                        1. Riding over 110mph (not often)
                        2. Riding in very bad/ very cold weather

                        Sitting up gives you a better view of what is in front of you and gives you more leverage to turn.

                        Also, if a cop sees you in a full race tuck he is going to think you are up to something.
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