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How long b/4 u started knee draggin..

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  • How long b/4 u started knee draggin..

    How long were u riding motorcycles before you started draggin your knee in the tight corners?

    You're first track day maybe? or Maybe you've been a vet. rider for a long time and still dont do it with no desire too...or maybe you got caught going to high into a corner and had no choice but to lean it down and drag ur knee or end up in a guard rail or ditch!

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    i wanna learn, but as for now if i drag i rip my pants, so i dont plan on it but if someone watns to give me some leather pants, id be more then happy to practice


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      I had her over far enough to scrap a peg when I blew a corner last year. May have been close a few times, coming out of a corner at 120(km/h BTW) I tend to be looking ahead not at my knee .

      As for you Duff if your skinny enough Newenough had some first gear racing pants on sale $85. That or hit ebay, ton's of leather on there.


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        im not interested in scrapping a knee.
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          First ime was last year in Kentucky. Went into a tight one to hot and the curve turned in on itself.

          I touched a knee down and sucked half the seat of a GS500E up my azz.

          On my little racers, it happens often. As a genral rule, i don't go out riding with intentions of settin my knees down. When those urges start to rise up again, it's time to head to the track..


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            I too learned the hard way....took a corner to high and too fast..and there was a guard rail staring me in the face if I didnt lean it over till I practically could see the paint dribbles on the yellow line..but it ended up ok, and once I got thru it and came out of the turn, I pulled over, realized what i just did..and was half panicked and half excited..


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              Got them down for the first time at the Gap last year. That was my major goal of last years rally.

              The last thing I wanted to do was to go into a corner too hot, panic, and put a knee/shoulder/head and hip down on the pavement.

              Took me a good 3-4 months of trying. I found that you just need to find a nice corner and hit it over and over again until you're comfortable with the lean angle.

              As soon as you do it once it's a piece o' cake.


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                About a year and a half. First track day ever. On my '03 VFR.


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                  In Marion Virginia at the KP rally there. Riding at "The Playground". Jay was there, and I asked him for lessons. He still owes me.

                  Very exciting, but it happened after about a year on the Kat (which means 1.5 summers here in the NE).

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                    about 5 years ago, on my last sport bike. 600 Hurricane.
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                      I hate learning the stuff the hard way..but for some of us, thats the only way we learn.. right Jimmy!!


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                        i've never touched the ground, but there are a couple turns near my house that i make a point to hit at the end of every ride where i can get real low.


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                          Never have done. I go through the coners so fast I do not have time to put a knee down. If I do I do and if I don't I don't. I scrape my pegs and that is about it. If you go through corners smooth enough you don't need to put a knee down. That is just my .02 worth.


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                            8 months in to the use of my kat, actually it was this day: ( I was smiling all the way home) the funny thing is that until your 5th knee down event you willl begin to understand why you are doing it.


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                              I have touched a knee once. I was riding at the gap and the surrounding area after trying to get it down in MI for about two months. Well I went, hit the knee and it was all perfect till the corner tighened up and then I let go of some of the throttle.. Hello low side!!!.. It hurt, there was a guard rail and all. Now I have an old Honda CB1 I am fixing up for a track bike, I have the urge again, and this is where I am going to do it.
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