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Motorcycle CAD files?

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  • Motorcycle CAD files?

    Does anybody out there, know where i could find CAD files of Motorcycle parts?

    What i'm looking for is 3d models of bike parts. anything. but mainly 98+ katana parts.

    I guess i could allways buy this info from suzuki directly but that might prove to be very costly for what i'm doing.

    What do you aftermarket guys base your components off of? Do you measure existing parts and create a master model to work off of, or do you just fab from scratch on a donor bike to create your master, and write your nc programs off that?

    I have many questions regarding this process, so if someone in the aftermarket business could respond, i would appreciate it. thanks, Dan

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    Dude I looked everywhere..
    Best I found was some sites that have libraries you can buy..

    is it possible to import the fich files into the CAD
    program? I know AutoCAD 14 was really bad at that..


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      i guess it was wishfull thinking. I have been scouring the net for a couple months to no avail. it looks like the only avenue is to reverse engineer stock parts, and modify them.

      My Job is designing inpection fixtures for automotive/aerospace parts, and we get IGES files of the part and accompaning GD&T for all the fixtures we do. I was just hoping there was a way i could obtain this for motorcycle parts too. I mean, motorcycle parts need fixtures too.

      I'll talk to some of the superiors here, and see if there is a way to obtain this info by using our company name. But i highly doubt they will help, As i will be using company time and resources for these projects and i don't think they would like that too much.


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        What do you mean "fixtures"? Just curious.
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          Not meant as a plug for my company, just trying to explain it a little better.

          Here is my companys website

          Mods, if this infringes in any way, shape, or form, please feel free to remove it


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            So they are Quality Assurance "molds" that allow someone to verify tight part tolerances. Is this correct?
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              Basically, yes.


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                I'm guessing Dan is a Manufacturing Engineer.
                A fixture is a device used in the assembly process.
                For example:
                The device that holds a kat frame while parts are added (engine, wiring etc) would be refered to as a fixture.

                In Aerospace Fixtures are important as they aid in accuracy of part placement for drilling or other machining steps, they are even used to make sure decals are placed in the correct place. The FAA
                has a spec for where decals are placed your tax dollars at work,,
                ISO 9000 (or what ever it is called these days)
                requires work be performed the same way every time. Even if that means wrong
                So "fixtures" and detailed procedures are key.

                Dan I never persued some of the libraies I found because I was just filling time with a rear engined sportscar design. But I found some that had Ford and Chevy blocks and trannies in .DWG
                I just didn't want to pay for it.
                I was searching for car parts..
                As lots of Kat parts are not exclusive to Kats,
                I wonder if there are motorcycle libraries?


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                  Thank you both. So it is part jig, part QA template.
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                    Did you see this?
                    I don't have AutoCAD anymore.
                    I miss my old Toshiba Laptop

                    but this looks promising..


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                      I would be surprised if you could get native data from an OEM. That is usually considered proprietary information. From my experience the aftermarket people go out and reverse engineer the pieces. Some OEMS work with after market suppliers during the development process, but that is usually with large corporations. Do you mind if I ask what you are trying to make? If you need help reverse engineering stuff PM.


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                        Thanks B_P for the link unfortunatly i have already visited that site, and even more unfortunate the files that are on there are more for 3d rendering than acurately detailed parts.

                        Again thanks for the link, but i think my best option is going to be to just reverse engineer existing parts and modify accordingly

                        I'll let you know what i wanted to do

                        I want to make custom bars according to my riding style and a tripple clamp with brackets to hold a gps unit.

                        I know, i know, there are lots of places that offer these things allready, and i could buy something thats allready made for cheaper (alot cheaper) but i just don't see the fun in that. especially when i have this equipment at my disposal.

                        Which brings me to another point, Special K. Do you have any triple clamps in stock for a 98+ either a 600 or 700, prefeably both. If you do, would you mind if i "rented" one from you for a while. You can have it back when i'm done. Of course i would pay for shipping and handling and any related expenses. Pm me, or reply to this thread if this is at all possible.


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                          I'm guessing you have CNC tools at your disposal??
                          I got lots 'o ideas for that...
                          I really hate being in the field..
                          The last 5 years have been tough being away from the machine shop. It's the first time in like 25 years I havent had access to SOME tools..


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                            Yes i do have access to CNC machines, and while i don't know how to run them myself i could get the guys in the shop to run a program or two for me when they get some free time. i also have acces to CMM equipment for reverse engineering some small components so that part wouldn't be that difficult.

                            I have alot of ideas for things i want to make, it's just a matter of finding the time and ambition to do these things. But it's something i'm going to chip away at in the next couple months.

                            The aftermarket parts business is something thats always intersted me, and i would like to get more of a grasp of it before i get into it full time, if I ever do. It helps that i have a full time job that pays the bills while i wet my toes. It also helps that i work in quality assurance, so i would be able to assure that my parts fit and work all the time and every time. Quality and customer satisfaction is also something that is important to me and guaranteed with everything i build (i also build custom furniture part time)

                            I want to start out small and mainly manufacture parts for myself and perfect them, while learning more about the business side of it. The thing that scares me the most is the liability side of it. Not that i would knowing produce inferior parts, just that i wouldn't want to be responsible for my parts failing causing injury to a fellow rider.


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                              I don't know how they do it at your end, but I've seen systems in use that use lasers to do three-dimensional recreation of physical items with angstrom-length tolerances to whatever was scanned. It's a time consuming process (stick the part in, walk away), but the resultant files are perfect (or as perfect as the original part you measured was). I know there are also CMC systems that permit a sensor tip for doing something similar, but I can't imagine that it's nearly as close in terms of tolerances.

                              Good Luck!
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