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I hate this!!!

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  • I hate this!!!

    So, got into it with my parents tonight about riding. First of all, my parents have always been against bikes period unless it was pedal powered, and I don't mean pedal after the engine fails. Anywho, I am glad my brother broke the ice about a year ago by getting his bike. Wow, my mom didn't talk to him for at least two weeks over that. Big deal huh, well we talk daily and that is a big deal. Back to the story. So I've had my kat going on a month and me and the old lady are over at my parents for dinner. I noticed today I got my profit sharing check from work and said I was going down to the city to get some more gear. My dad acts cool and seems to care less, but my mom goes on about it. I tell her at least I wear my helmet and gear when I ride, my brother doesn't. He's too cool on that cruiser of his. I proceeded to tell my mom about the racers that crash going 100 mph plus, wearing the right gear and knowing how to fall, and they get up back to there bike racing again. No harm no foul. But that didn't matter to her.
    My dad likes the cruisers. Never rode them, just likes them. I proceeded to tell him about the bad rap us "sport riders" have. Oh, it's fast, he's fast, he is going to kill himself.....Then I told him about, well, I would rather be on a "sport bike" that has alot better braking, alot better handling then a cruiser. I explained the differences. I think my dad got the point, but my mom didn't.
    I told my brother the last three times we were supposed to go riding, he would have to wear a helmet to ride with me. Course he's too cool for that. So I don't ride with him. Sorry for the long story, just had to rant.
    Common sense is great, it's just not all that common.

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    Good Rant!!
    I understand completely, but you have to understand the thought process of parents against sport bikes. They see the squids buz by them on the freeway and the deaths and accidents caused by young squids. They don't hear about the cruiser that managed to pick himself up off the road with open skull and get in a cage and go to the hospital.
    I have family that would freak if I pulled up to their house on the bike. See, my close cousin died on a sport bike about 7 years ago. Can you just imagine how his mom would act if she saw me roll up on a bike. hhhmmmm!
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      My parents are still against me riding..well, not really, but I always get the lecture about wearing my helmet etc. Which I always do, but I attribute that to them just being parents and lookin out for their kids..and Im 33 !!

      But really though, whether or not your parents will fully ever accept you riding is just part of life. Maybe they both will, maybe they both won't. But you ride, ur happy,and thats all you can do.

      As far as your brother riding w/ out gear..someday, he too, like the rest of the peeps who choose to be cool, may unfortunately find out the hard way. Just encourage him by always wearing your lid and gear when you ride. Lead by speaks louder than words.


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        show your brother a few images of what happens all to easily if you dont wear the gear!

        its the only way he'll learn short of falling off himself.

        i wish i had a camera when i had my accident, i was wearing shorts, workboots and a t-shirt (i used to do this 3 times a week when i went to the gym a 2 min ride at most.. now i wear ALL the gear!!) i had 25 stitches in me, they dug 7 peices of glass the 1st time round out of me, but i have since i have had to go back to have another 6 peices cut out of me with a further 9 stitches.
        my right foot was the size of a football and will continue to give me greif for the next 2 months (tho i have a really cool walking stick now),
        i had road rash up my left leg and up my right side/back, both knees and both elbows too.

        all this cos i was cut off very abruptly by a car, and a lapse in concentration on my part.. down i go at 80kmph (er... roughly 48mph) the impact was hard enough to shatter the rear window of the car, and send me over the bars landing in the broken glass, and tumbling down the road. its to easy to be cleaned up while on a bike.. wear the gear. shame i learnt the hard way.

        as for your parents.. erm GOOD LUCK lol! im lucky my parents dont care, just as long as it is what i want to do and enjoy.



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          Fight the good fight, and go get more gear! Good luck with your brother, I hope he wont learnt he hard way.
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            My parents were always reluctant for me to get a bike. told me i had to wait until i was out of the house to get one. I knew that would change if i could show them i was a responsible rider, and could bear the burden financially. so i took the msf, saved for three years, but they were still hesitant. Then i just droped the whole idea and waited till they went on holidays . by the time they got back, i had allready put over 500 km on it.

            My dad likes it now. Still doesn't want to see me hurt myself, but he's slowly coming around. and my Mom, just hates them period. She lost a friend in High school in a bike crash, so i respect that, and don't push the issue.


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              Try to remember that your mother is arguing from an emotional stand-point, not a logical one. Her concern is the loss of her child, someone she is infinitely connected with, and no amount of attempting to reason with her will get her past the fear factor involved in possibly seeing her child hurt, maimed or killed. The very best thing you can do is avoid the topic and spend that time telling her that you love her and cherish her presence in your life instead -- it will be far more rewarding an interaction. By the way, I applaud your choice in selecting to wear gear all the time -- remember to shop for the best you can get (which is often NOT the most expensive).

              As for your brother, if you can't talk him into gear, at least see if you can talk him into highway bars (engine protection bars), or simply give him a set suitable of these for his bike for his birthday, christmas or other excuse (preferably with a coupon for installation). While this won't absolve him of risk, it will remove one of the most common risk factors for cruiser riders -- the heavy weight of the bike landing on him and dragging him along with it on a low-side (often severing the leg and adding additional head injuries).
              You might also want to point out HD's newest full-face helmets such as the FXRG (I hope this link works - HD full face helmets), which should add a "cool" factor to the wearing of them.

              Good luck with it all!
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                My parents were acually pretty supportive, and wanted their pics taken on the bike when I got it, my dad even wanted to ride it (he used to have a Suzuki).

                I thought that they would be really against it, not that they don't worry about me, but they have really been into Nick and I riding. We have had 2 family members killed on motorcycles, so it was a touchy subject.

                I did find out the last time my sister came to visit that her life apparently was more valuable than mine. Nick and I were going to take her for a ride when my father informed us to wait til my mother wasn't around cause she would freak if she ever got on a bike!!!!!!
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                  My parents were not happy about me buying a bike. My Mom did not like to hear me even talk about it at first. I have tried to show them that I am reasonable when I ride and that I wear proper gear. It took some time but they have warmed up to the bike.

                  I hope that your brother learns from your example.


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                    yeah my mom was the same way. I mean hell i am almost 30 with a 2.5 year old and one on the way and my parents were against me getting a bike eventhough they had one for years and were wild. It helped that i took the MSF class and bough my gear read books and all that. They finally gave in a month before i bought it after i told them what kind of example am i setting for my son if I am afraid to live life? Living is life full of experience. Also youc an get killed or hurt any day doing anything. Walking across the street etc. Having a head on collision i my 67 camaro or the67 mustang would surely hurt me really bad since it is all steel and no crumple zone.. all it has is lap belts as well.
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                      Thats what i told my parents too. It's just as likely that i could step outside the front door and get hit by and airplane than it is to get in a crash. Okay i know a little exageration, but i was trying to make a point.


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                        Glad I wasn't the only one. Thanks for listening
                        Common sense is great, it's just not all that common.


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                          Cybers first statement was 100% on target!
                          You have to forgive or at least understand sometimes people can't think with their heads, only their hearts. Mom's have been like this since day one I think..
                          'Traggor! came back this instant!'
                          "But mom all my friends are riding Saber Tooths"
                          Well not you! It's too dangerous!!

                          There is also a collective conscience of the older generations (though it is diminishing)
                          Children worked mills at ages 7 and 8, died in coal mines etc.
                          The depression when whole families died hungry

                          My mother will never let go of the notion that health and vitality come from a can. Too strong is the memory that processed food delivered a bounty to the average home.

                          Also it has been shown that as the risk of the daily work place becomes less the risk in recreational activity has become greater. Hang gliding, bungie jumping and extreme sports have all developed in the age of OSHA and computer workstation job.

                          Bottom line though remains:
                          You are her little boy...


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                            My parents are devided on my bike which I just got. My mom has been very supportive and bought me a good helmet and didn't mind that I spend a little money on a leather jacket. My dad isn't so supportive he didn't like the idea that she bought that for me, but the thing is my dad had a bike all through college which I couldn't imagine. But Cyber is right they just worry about me.


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                              What everyone else said with one caveat. Don't give up on getting your brother to wear gear. My older brother is the same way but I finally got him talked into it. It's just a matter of how much you/him care for each other.

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