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What a great day.

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  • What a great day.

    So yesterday I came into town from duluth to go to the international motorcycle show. It was great since I've been having the motorcycle bug up at school in Duluth. I looked all around and saw a bunch of nice bikes. I also broke down and bought my first jacket. It's a Teknic, leather with all the pads and a huge back pad. Some of the vendors there were selling pretty cheep jackets that didn't seem like they'd protect you much in a fall. Once I came out of there the weather was so nice I went home and put some time in putting my kat back together and was able to take her out for the maden ride. I was so excited, I got the bike around thanksgiving and haven't been able to ride it at all. I put a lot of wrench time in and got it running and it was such a payoff to take it out for about 50 miles yesterday.

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    sounds cool, did you get the filter you needed?
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      Congrats on getting her together and getting her out. I am hoping to get the bike out today, gonna be cold but milder than it has been.
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        I didn't get the airfilter I wanted so I just used the stock one. I just think it would be easier than hauling that big box in and out when I need to work on something.


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          thats awesome..its nice to see your hard work come together for ya!


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            Great to hear that the ride was a good one. I hope to be in the same position in a couple of months. The first ride is always the best, until the next one.