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  • Extend your warranty?

    When the warranty runs out on your bike, do you wanna extend it, or just say the heck with it? In my case, the dealer gave me a 1 year warranty, as a courtesy, which was great, for my 2000 Kat..but I dont have my information handy and was wondering if you can normally renew these year to year at all? No major problems to speak of since i had it, and nothing that would indicate one on the way that I can tell either.

    All you people that have bought new bikes, did you extend your warranty thru the factory? or will you?

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    i probably will not...
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      soon after I purchased the bike I added a jet kit ( dealer installed ) . According to the warantee info any engine mods void warranty. No extended warranty for this kat. Actually, very little of any warrantee. Good thing about the kat and their age is all the kinks are worked out and they are practically bulletproof.
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        i tried they said it was too late for me ...


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          Originally posted by duff daddy
          i tried they said it was too late for me ...
          well yah, i'd think so

          there's probably not much point even if i can renew it..i mean if something does go wrong, i can get the parts here or on ebay for pretty good price.. and she's only got under 10,000 miles on her, with all the reg. maint scheduled and completed.


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            I don't even remember an extended warranty being mentioned when I bought my Kat.

            I wouldn't have bothered anyway to be honest. Chances are if something gonna go , it's gonna go in the first few months. Unless of course your one of those people that only put a few kms on each year.


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              With the Kat's I would say the majority of problems people have are caused by abuse which would not be covered under the warranty. There are some bikes I think it would be a good idea on but I think an engine that has proven to be very very reliable for over 20 years is fine without a warranty.
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                I got a extended warranty when I bought mine. I got a 2 year extended, and it covered pretty much everything. I did buy my bike used though.
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                  No way. If something goes wrong with my bike i want to be the guy to fix it. Aside from being not being finacially covered, i think its a priveledge to be able to work on your own bike.


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                    I got a full five year warranty.And yes after-mods are supposed to void your card.I guess I have a kool dealer,all my mods he has looked over.we have even discussed gsxr cams.
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                      Down here in Oz the standard Suzuki warranty is 2 years/ unlimited kms.

                      Ha ha

                      We are ahead of you guys in some ways. But then we only have the 750 here and it is called a GSX750F instead of having a name.
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                        Do cosemtic mods void a warranty in most cases?


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                          Modifications can not void your warranty unless you can pinpoint that modifcation as the reason for the failure. This is the law, some dealers try to screw with it but if for instance you have a leaky valve cover, The dealer can not say you installed an exhaust, jetted your bike so you caused the problem.
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                            bigpapac got it right... unless the mod can be demonstrated to have caused the failure, it's not a reason to void either the stock or extended warrantee coverage for any failure.

                            I had the 4 year extended factory warrantee on the first Kat 600 I had (the 2000 model). Never needed it for what I would consider traditional warrantee coverage, but I did have a shop strip the oil drain bolt, which caused the oil to dump in front of my rear tire. The factory extended warrantee paid the towwing plus rental reimbursement for the day it took them to get to it (I'm fairly sure the shop ate the repair cost and not Suzuki itself). I think it's that tow & rental reimbursement that made it more than just a straight warrantee. On the other hand, Kats are rock solid, and I can't recall one EVER failing for purely mechanical reasons if was given the maint according to the service schedule. I don't know how they would deal with things like 2nd gear failure (which inevitably is user error, but hard to prove).

                            KNOW THIS:
                            Suzuki's factory warrantees are unlimited mileage and global. If you plan on covering a zillion miles, seriously consider it.

                            I think I will call them and see if you can buy the warrantee after the fact (I think I recall reading it was available even for used bikes out of warrantee period)...

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                              Sweet, thanks for the info. I was hoping that was the case, but wanted some verification from the masses.