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spec change on 04 katana exhaust??

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  • spec change on 04 katana exhaust??

    I'm looking for a slip-on exhaust these days.....but found out most of them are for 98-03 models only......

    I'm wondering if there's any changes on the spec for the exhaust so I can't get one for old models??

    I'm looking for Yoshimura RS3 Titanium slip-on, but your suggestion is alwasy welcome

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    did you consider a full exhaust for it at all? is that not in the cards right now? just curious as that is the best way to do it if you are able to. Im currently looking for a slip on as well, but closer to spring in my case, becuz good ole mr checkbook has other things in mind besides my mods!

    Special can always hook u up with a great deal as well


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      no, I'm thinking only the slip-on now.......
      A Kat is gone and a Strom is coming!


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        I think the difference is that the in 04, they went to a really big can.

        I think a slip on would still work, all the mounting points should be the same.

        I could be worng, try caling a stealership, and talking to a tech maybe.
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          I think your right lou.. i was looking at some of the models and it appears to be same to me.


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            there is no difference in the exhaust other than the size of the can. They still have the same size midpipe and the mounting locations are the same
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              Thanks all, I already PM special k for a deal......hope it coms soon ^^
              A Kat is gone and a Strom is coming!


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                The '04 year gets a new can, rest of the header system remains the same. The California model got a catalytic converter in '04. Other than that, the system should remain the same, although the header part number changes... the gasket remains the same (meaning same size exhaust ports), the header bolts get revised but remain the same size, and the connector between the can tube and the headers remains the same (meaning again the same size).

                PS - just updated their website to include the '04 model year fiche files, so you can check part numbers too...

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