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Ever been chased ?

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  • Ever been chased ?

    Ever been chased on bike? Not necessarily from the cops, but hey,if you did, how'd it go. Maybe you were being chased from some punk kid who wanted to race you and you beat him and pi$$ed him off, or maybe some other scenario.

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    Chased by the cops when I was a young punk? Yes...never did that again.
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      Chased by the cops twince in the cage, never on the bike. But those days are far behind me now.

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        Even if you're a solid or very good rider, being chased can be somewhat scary. But back a few years ago, on my yamaha, we were on the circuit ( the local part of town where all the peeps come to show off daddy's car and their bikes) and a couple of kids were out horsing around like usual, and dared myself and my buddy to race them, well, we did (smart or not) and of course, we both smoked him, and at the next intersection, a stop sign, we were sitting there for a sec, figuring out where to ride too, and he pulled up behind us, and started revvin it up and shouting and waving the finger, etc. So we just blew it off and started to ride away, well he ends up right on our tail and getting dangerously close. We turned off onto a different road, to let him by, and he followed us, right on our tail, high beams and honkin the horn, so after that we had enough, and grabbed a handful of throttle and left him safely behind and lost him.

        even though it was only for a short period of time, it was still alittle freaky till we left him behin.


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          I would have pulled over and proceeded to open a can of whoop arse on him.
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            Chased on foot by cops when I was a wee one.
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              Last year my wife and I were riding up the 400 and were trying to catch a few of our freinds that left a little before us. Doing about 200km/hour, passed an unmarked police car parked beside the highway, put his lights on and then he disappeared. Kinda dumb to be going that fast anyway but I think everyone here has done it a time or two. When we caught up to the group I kept thinking the cop was gonna come up behind us any second but he never did.


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                when i was back on my dirt bike. some friends decided to roost some dirt on the cop car and we ran. got chased by the cops a few other times. got shot at/ chased by some farmers. and also a 18 wheeler down a dirt road but always got away


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                  When I was 18 with my first bike, a humble Honda CB450, I was doing about 5 or 8 over down a four lane divided road in Clearwater. Zero traffic, about 11PM on a weekday. The cop was coming in the opposite direction, I slowed down, he turned on his lights. Next turn in, he turned around; I did the same. We passed each other going the other way. Repeat three or four times, us just circling each other that way, going about 300 yards to the turn-arounds and switching back, until he finally shut his lights off and drove away. He could have had me at any point if he simply drove over the median... That was the most amusing situation in which I've been chased (but never chaste). I guess he finally decided it just wasn't worth the minimal ticket...

                  These days, I don't get chased by cops. Either I'm too slow to bother, or too fast to violate chase guidelines...

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                    Been chased by a maniac when I was in my car, but never on the bike. That'd be freaky. It was bad enough in the car.

                    He followed me off the highway and down a whole bunch of sidestreets until I went into a McDonalds drive-thru I headed home (with a thickshake in hand) and stumbled across him (he'd reversed the way he followed me while I took a more direct route) and ended up following him back towards the highway. Small problem, is that there is an offramp at that point, but not an onramp. Tailing me for no reason and being an idiot cost him at least 40 minutes if he had a map. Longer if he didn't
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                      ive taken a cop for a run down the freeway.. i hit speeds of 250kmph (the kat wouldnt go any faster).

                      i got away thanks to some stupid manouvers im not proud of (lane splitting 2 trucks for example)

                      been chased a few other times in the city.. did a few circles of a few blocks.. cut down some alleyways never got caught.

                      also chased in the cage.,.. got away, i pulled into a mates garage and hid



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                        OK, I'll be the first one. Yes, I've been chased, by a cop and not too long ago too. Going up one of my favorite roads a little hotter than the speed limit when out of nowhere, a CHP comes down the hill. Now, since I know that he has to go aways to turn around, I light the wick alittle (no triple digits mind you) and turn up into a driveway with trees and shrubs along it. CHP comes screaming by, lights flashing, siren blaring. Funny thing was that as I pulled up into the driveway, the owner was pulling out. Gave me all kinds of deserved dirty looks. Not proud of doing it but there you are!!!

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                          Two dirt bikes on a country road in Ohio, one Sheriff. He stoped on a hill and followed me down the side of the hill on foot. My friend went around the other way. My friend circled around and back to the police car and turned all of his lights on and locked the door. Yes, you heard it, the cop left his car unlocked.
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                            This board is full of criminals.


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                              1st time chased...I was driving a dune buggy we made from a vw. Roll cage, shortened by 18 inches (it would do a small wheelie)...and it was loud as hell. We would run right down mainstreet with it...see as we had no local cops. They were an hour away. But one day it was St Jean Baptiste...a HUGE french holiday here. So we were screwing around in town during the festivities. Both sides of the main street were lined with cars...barely able to squeeze 2 cars passing each other. I went flying down the street at about 70mph with the cop no more than a foot of my ass. They wanted us bad because of the complaints. So I was sure I was going to lose them by going through 3 huge field beside each other. No way....they stayed with us. Across 1 field....thru a gate...across the next...still with us. Only way we lost them was the 2nd and 3rd field was devided by a stone pile about 3ft high running across the field. We made it over...the cops had to stop. We made it to the woods and covered the buggy with brush...and walked back. The cops had been to my parents place and my buddy's place. They knew it was us....just couldn't prove it. We took it easy for a while after that.

                              2nd time I met a cop while I was speeding. I knew I had an unpaid ticket, so as soon as he turned on the light I opened it up a bit. It was in the city. He turned around and came up on me fast. Traffic was thick ahead and he was getting close, so I took a oneway. Just enough room for me to go between the parked cars and the moving cars...coming at me. I didn't go down it fast because it was the cop couldn't do it at all. I was worried he radioed his buddies, so I took the first street out of Dodge and headed home to my town 20 miles away.
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