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    After about 70 hours and a little bit of time I finally got my bike running tonight. It has to be one of the greatest moments in my life. After all the time that I put into it to hear her running all I can say is wow. I had to take her for a ride, it is a bit cold here in Kansas, about 30 degrees when I left, but oh so well worth it. I hope to be back on here more now that my bike won't require as much time. But the trip to Daytoa is comming up quick and I have to be ready. I still need new plastics and paint, but she should be ready to go... Talk to you all soon.

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    congrats man. the member "special k" might be able to help him out. this guy has tons of stuff for kats. pm him and ask.
    if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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      Congradulations!!! It's always good to see hard work pay off in the end!


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        Sweet, nothing better than a running bike that you fixed.
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          I hear your exhaust thoughts on that. Who cares how cold it is. Just to know that the bike is running, and you can get on her, and go around the block. That truely has to be the best feeling in the world. I get like that at the end of winter, and if it warm enough (35 degrees or so) and the roads are free of ice, I am out there, just cruising around the neighborhood. Just to be on it. Man I could go for that feeling right now.
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            Congrats...well done on the hard work!!
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              Gald you got it running. If you look on ebay right now I think you can find some great deals on plastics. I know saw some on there the other day.


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                Congats, a great feeling to be sure!
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