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Anyone have an 88-93 1100 Kat?

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  • Anyone have an 88-93 1100 Kat?

    If anyone who owns an 1100F kat, as well as a digital camera and easy access to the bike...would you be so kind to snap a couple of photos for me? I need shot of the rear wheel/tire. Directly from rear center, up along the chain towards the spocket and one up towards rotor/brake.
    One of my kats is in total tear down and the other is buried deep in winter storage. I could really, really use these if anyone can help me out. It would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would but I have taken mine apart to do some deep cleaning over the winter, don't know when I would get it back together to take some photos.
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      too bad you didnt need these pics in say may or june, when every body is done winter moddin!