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    If the autobahn can survive in germany for all this time, it just goes to show how bad the drivers really are over here in the states..


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      Originally posted by Cyber
      Yes, the US really does need better driver training.
      Wasn't there a post a few days back about Alberta or someplace in Canada making new rules and such concerning training? And didn't an American or 2 say how stupid it was and how they felt sorry for us?
      As long as people think like that, there will never be adequate enough training in the US.

      As for roads....I guess I would have to say that we are pretty lucky here. Twisties, straights, mountains...we have it all pretty much. Lots and lots of roads. Mostly because once you get out of the urban areas, we have alot of wilderness in Quebec. So you can go for miles and miles and miles in between towns. Ontario is pretty good too. The area the Ottawa boys took us to (where we were by the lake and playing in that curve) was really sweet. I would have to say that road was one of my favorites that I ever rode on. Thanks again for that day was great. I think it was just because it was so damn smooth. We might have the same scenery here in Qc, but the potholes spoil it.
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        I totally agree we need better training, and I would love to see a tiered licensing program. Shoot, I would like to see the state require a license to buy a bike, at least a learners permit that covers bikes. Right now you don't need one, unless you want to test ride one.
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