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Careful at the '05 Rally - Criminal Gang Laws!

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  • Careful at the '05 Rally - Criminal Gang Laws!

    Coast to Coast Biker News, January 2005
    State Senators Jake Knotts (R-West Columbia) and Dick Elliott (D-North Myrtle Beach) have pre-filed a bill that would make it illegal to intimidate someone into joining or leaving a gang. A similar bill has been filed in the House.

    The legislation defines a criminal gang as five or more people who organize to commit criminal activity, which could include hate groups, motorcycle gangs and terrorist groups.

    Steve Nawojczyk, a gang expert from Little Rock, Ark., said the measure is similar to what other states have enacted.

    Richland County Assistant Prosecutor David Pascoe said the bill could help better prove a defendant is a gang member. Sometimes, such information is not presented to a jury because the information could be prejudicial, he said.

    Knotts has tried unsuccessfully for several years to pass a bill making intimidation of prospective members illegal. Last year, a bill made it to the Senate floor but died without a vote.
    Note the underlined passage in the quote. Since speeding down the dragon, is by definition a crime, we could all be facing possible gang related charges... hmmm...

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    eek. I wonder how this will fair in the courts, since I'm sure some group will challenge it.

    Reminds me of the Drew Carey Show episode where Drew and his friends were considered a gang and arrested.....


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      well in northern california, the easiest way to get away with 1000 bikes hitting the highway at the same time is tell the cops ahead of time. If you check out any of the sick ass riders out here doing wheelies on the highway at 80mph, the cops are right next to them watching them. They only seem to get real pissed when it is a surprise run.
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        If anything, we would be the "Get-Along Gang", and Cyber would be the Ring Leader. I would be head of the Arse Kicking Department, Fish and Corey would be my flunkies. Need 4 Speed would be our press relations department, and Special K would be the "God Father". Kat Girl, Babs, Slim, Bat Girl, Freckles, and Bad Billy (and any other females) would be the ones that got away and come and bail us out of jail, then yell at us and make us feel bad beacuse we got caught, and they had to "Take the time out of our day when we were supposed to get our nails done" speach after bailing us out. Then we would do it all over again the next day. Oh, and Sticker Boi Duff Daddy would be the one in the back, because lets face it, his bike sticks out like a sore thumb, so he may as well be the first one caught!
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          Originally posted by SweetLou
          If anything, we would be the "Get-Along Gang", and Cyber would be the Ring Leader


          I learned my lesson last year, when we took that supposed "Short Cut" that was on my map, from Tapaco back to rear entrance to Fontana and went over about 3 miles of purely gravel roads with the Kats... Yes, you can go off-roading with the Kat. On pure gravel, it's nerve-racking at best. But given off-road capability, there's no need to stop for the cops :P

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            "F*** the corporate world"

            isn't that a line from some song? anywho, i think that bill is crap. let there be some kind of policy like that here in ohio, i'd fight it to get motorcycles taken out of it.
            if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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              Who are you people and why are you following me ?
              I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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                They is in South Carolina we will be in TN and NC. I know we do not have that law here. If that was the case then they would be arresting alot of COPS around Deals Gap. I can understand why they made a law about it. Stupid people make everyone suffer in the end.


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                  Originally posted by soccersteve
                  "F*** the corporate world" isn't that a line from some song?
                  Afroman - Because I got High 8)
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                    here in Quebec we have the most active and largest chapter of the Hell's Angels in the world. The "gang" laws are quite severe, but difficult to inforce. The law doesn't bother sports bikes too much, but they really have it out for the harleys....especially if you are wearing colors.
                    It came into effect just after all the bombings in Montreal during the biker wars....and when they assinated to prison guards and went after a judge.
                    Besides the obvious reasons such as overpriced and unreliable, 2 other resons I will not own a harley is because there is a good chance the Hells will steal it and chop it up or change the vin and keep it for themselves, plus the cops stand to bug you more.

                    I live about 20 minutes from the Hell's main bunker. You have no idea what the meaning of "gang" is until you see 400 or so bikes swarm into town for a meeting....and you can bet that most of what they do is illegal.
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                      you know it is a big gang when they actually built a new courthouse just to put 40 of them on trial. There is even a special task force just for bike gangs called "The Wolverines".




                      bike gangs have a different meaning here. I think sport bike gangs are unheard of. here they are just clubs.
                      I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                        Let's face it..we're all doomed!!!!


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                          If you watch this video, the Wolverines even have some armored personal carriers they use to raid with.

                !ctvVideo/CTVNews/helss_angels040512/20040512/?hub=Canada&video_link_high=mms:// video_link_low=mms:// lip_start=00:11:01.99&clip_end=00:01:37.09&clip_ca ption=CFCF%20News%3A%20Stephane%20Giroux%20details %20the%20crackdown&clip_id=ctvnews.20040512.000610 00-00061131-clip1&subhub=video

                          go below and click on highspeed to see the better quality vid.
                          I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                            Bah! They have to catch us first!


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                              does that mean we will get gang raped in prison?!!!?