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You can only choose 1..and it can't be yours..

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  • You can only choose 1..and it can't be yours..

    You've just won an all expenses paid trip across the country, via motorcycle. OK, its a dream, but why not dream big, right?? Anyway...

    You can chose any SPORTBIKE/SPORT TOURER in current production today...but you can't ride your own bike! You've gotta choose something other than Kat or whatever your current ride is.

    Whats your choice to start from 1 coast and ride to the other. ?

    ZX12 maybe? Gixxer 1000? Hayabusa? Maybe an FJR ? How bout an Interceptor?

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    If I am riding the whole way...GOLDWING...maybe Badbilly will get on the back!


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      either a Goldwing or ST1300


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        If I could handle it, I'd go with a 'busa
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          A big fat loud harley - I'll put Junior on the back and wear a tshirt: "if you can read this, the biatch fell off" tshirt. :

          Katgirl your arse would be some sore - coast to coast on a busa!
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            would be a busa or a tiller....:P

            who cares about the numb limbs
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                a honda rebel 250

                just kidding... i'm on with the HD fatboy
                if its got 2 wheels or a skirt....i'll ride it.


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                  If you have read some of my post it is no surprise that I would take a HD Roadking or a Goldwing Trike. No really I was kidding about the trike. lol
                  The roadking, goldwing or a Busa only if I am riding by myself.

                  Dennis, that is funny, it would take you no time and you can melt bumpers. lol lol
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                    Either a Busa, or a Honda VTX 1800.
                    -89 Gixxer 1100 Engine
                    -Stage 3 Jet Kit / KNN Pod Filters
                    -Ohlins Susupension
                    -Various Other Mods


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                      Please pray for me, as I undertake a coast-to-coast jaunt on BMW's new K1200S at Cannonball-Rally speeds

                      Either that, or I'd take a BMW R1200GS and make sure at least 1/4 of the trip was taken across old wagon trails that never got turned into paved roads (there are companies that make maps of the USA for that purpose).

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                        although a gixxer 1000 or a zx10 are both very very fun to ride, they are way too light. So for the long haul and to still be the coolest man alive, nothing compares to the BUSA BABY
                        Big Cory
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                        2005 Hayabusa


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                          CPoet, I like. I'd settle for the K1200GT in a pinch and the GS would be a real hoot. If your gonna do alot miles in a day it's hard to beat BMW.
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                            I would want to take the Yamaha FJR1300 ABS.
                            I don't know how fast my bike goes, I've never stopped to find out.


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                              Bike is sold