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Im so lucky.... :(

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  • Im so lucky.... :(

    Maybe you remember that my new job started yesterday. Well, its a interesting job, but they dont make me yet a monetary offer!!
    So, this evening I gone again to the bike shop to negociate with the ower my salary. Riding my Katana, in a long straigh, doing only 120 km/h, and then, a nasty sound cames off the engine!!! Damn! I think its dead!!
    The white smoke indicates that something happened and oil was involved...
    No oil leaks, but the nasty sound didn dissapear, and when I try to rev the engine, it dies!
    Right now is my friend bike shop (not the one where I gonna work), but Im searching for engines... Mine has 93000km and maybe its worthless repair it... Dont know what to do, Im waiting that my bud open the engine... and then, lets see...
    BTW, my friend offered his 2002 Hayabusa with only 8000 km for 10000 euros... :P

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    Oh man, that sounds like you might have sucked a valve. Not cheep to fix.


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      Take the 10k Euros, fly to America (500 Euros), take a 5 day vacation (500 Euros), buy the bike here and ship it back (680 Euros)... at the current exchange rates, a brand new Busa can be had (with the cost of the trip & shipping) for 10k Euros.

      PS - sorry to hear about your engine.

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        Oh man Mas... that sucks!!!!

        But...... maybe now is the time for that new/newer bike. You work at a dealership now... YOU CAN GET DISCOUNTS!!!! 8)


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          im sorry for your loss


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            oh man dude..that really blows !! Im sorry !!

            as far as the job goes though, what kinda place doesnt tell you what ur gonna be making when you start there? I'd skeptical to say the least! hopefully it was just an oversight on their part for not telling you what the rate is.


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              See what kinda deal they can give you on reapairs!
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                Sorry Mas...but your Kat did carry you around (very fast too) and a lot of extras for a lot of miles. Might be time to retire will be worth more then a new engine!


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                  Mas dude! Sorry to hear that about the Kat man. I hope you can get her fixed.
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                    You Are Great Buddies!

                    Thanks dudes! Im pissed yet, because I went this morning to the bike shop and the ower was in another bike shop in Cordoba (another province), so basically, Im right now bikeless and jobless!
                    I dont gonna sign any contract without know my salary, so I gonna call later and try to meet tomorrow again...
                    And my bike, my mechanic havent open it yet, but my mother feel my pain and she said that she can help me, maybe getting a new one... but right now I dont know what to do. I would love to get a new bike, but only if I can pay it, plus insurance, tires, gas, etc...

                    Well, this is my first bikeless day!


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                      Good luck, mas...hope it all works out for you!
                      You got it.
                      Get on it.



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                        Man, that sucks Mas. I hope it works out well for you. That Kat did some fine duty!
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                          Given all the buds that you ride with does anyone have a good used bike that you could buy? Or atleast know someone that is selling?

                          From the pics you've shown us there's ALOT of bikes over there.... there's gotta be one out there for ya!


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                            I always have thinking what Cyberpoet said. But surely the stupid burocratic makes it be a pain to do it. With the exchange rates, as says Cyber, I would get a nice deal!
                            BTW, I gonna wait, maybe the engine isnt dead at all...

                            Las sunday, I was talking with Cristina, and we both agree that we would keep the Katana as commute/daily bike and get a newest one (gixxer...) only for fun. Maybe, its time to do it! Sadly, no enough money yet!


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                              That's like me and my wife. She wants to replace her SV650S which has just turned 1. I suggested that since it was paid for we kept it and got her a new bike as well. That way she can keep the SV for commuting and get a fun bike for weekends. Put all the miles on the cheaper bike and run it into the ground, while preserving the value (and tyres) on the fun bike.

                              It won't happen soon, but when the money is there we'll do it that way.

                              Maybe we are just greedy. Is 3 bikes and a car too much for 2 people?
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