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  • 92 1100fn

    Hey guys just acquired a new to me 92 1100 with 12K on motor. It was my dads bike he is now 67 and after high side accident 10 years ago does not ride anymore. Can anyone tell me what turn signals fit the 88-93 1100 flush front? Also anyone know of a decent fender eliminator kit for these?

    Previous Bikes:
    1994 GSXR 1100
    1995 GSXR 1100
    2005 Busa

    thanks in advance!!

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    Doubt anyone makes a fender eliminator not for these since they've been out of production for so long.

    You probably already know this but the Kat 1100 basically had the same motor as the gsxrs before they went to water cooled.

    Welcome aboard, good luck!
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    1992 Katana 1100
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      The best thing to do for the front is to make your own, if you want to fill the space previously occupied by the stock front turn signals. Don't plastic weld the holes because it will reduce the value of the fairing/or the whole bike for that matter. Just take a piece of aluminum and cut it oval to fit over the small hole on the front fairings. Then get creative from there. Like drill little holes in the aluminum and mount some LEDs or what ever.
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