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yoshi pipes on a 1100f

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  • yoshi pipes on a 1100f

    Well I added Yoshi rs-3 race cans to the Sounds awesome and I saved a bit of weight in the process too.
    After I did some trial & error stuff I decided to use the stock header / chopped it just after the hanger mount and tig welded a mandrel bent pipe
    to the header on both sides. The Yoshi cans are off a busa so I had to cut the mid pipe to fit the kat ( I guess the kat is a little shorter )
    here's some pics

    Ya the rear brake lever is a little close to the midpipe so I shaved some
    metal off of it for a better fit but I'm gonna lower the right side muffler clamp 1/2 inch or so and that should give me better clearance. No problems so far with jetting as i'm using the stock jets with the factory pro needles & stock air filter. The pipes give it a nice rumble but they get pretty loud on the top end, they have the baffle removed in the midpipes
    plus the silencers in the mufflers. Talk about a free flowing

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      Real nice results!
      I was thinking of doing the same to my 1100 headers, but with smaller mufflers for more weight saving.
      Nice welding job!


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        Thanks, I ended up trading my centre stand for a stock 1100f exhaust and that's how this project got off the ground. I even bought a titanium header off a 1991 gsxr 1100 to use but the angles were off at the y and the mounting hangers were different than the 1100f's. For me it was easier to use the stock 1100f header and just mod it.
        I did find a complete gsxr 1100 ( 1127 ) exhaust system for sale here in Ontario and that would fit ( except the hangers ) and you could add slip-ons
        pretty easy to that system and even stubby them to save more weight for the track riding you do/ Its hard to say how much weight I saved by getting rid of the centre stand and the heavy mufflers but in total I guess about 20 lbs. The rs-3 are the stock length 18 1/4 inches with the rear silencer removed and the baffle in the mid pipe removed also.


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          Looks nice and sounds even nicer
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