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  • 17" swap

    Disclaimer: Any one who decides to replicate my swap, I am not responsible for any injuries or property damage that may occur as a result. You take your own risk and YOU are responsible for your own actions.

    I just got the back tire mounted and when I get the time & money I'll finish the front. I'm sort of busy these days. Anyway, lets start with the
    I've read just about every post on the 17" swap that this web site contains. Here are my results thus far.
    I decided to follow the thread from memeber "Nut-Nut" because the way he did his back tire seemed the easiest and I just like the round spokes better. Of course, there are easier ways to convert the front.
    After much cross referencing of parts, I took a chance and decided the late '90s Bandit 1200 wheels were basically the same as the the 750cc he used. Once I had started I encountered a difference in my swingarm compared to other Kat1100s. My bike ('88) does not have the indents/slot on the swingarm where the axle adjusters are located. This made the GSXR brake bracket fit using Nut-Nuts method, but I couldn't get one of the adjusters mounted and I believe the tire positioned to the right. Never the less, it was about 1-2mm too tight. I decided to swap some things around.
    I used:
    1) Kat1100 sprocket studs on the B12 carrier. The studs are about 3mm shorter which gave me more room to play and they fit flush with the nuts.
    2)Kat1100 sprocket carrier out side bushing which is 12mm compared to GSXR/B12 16mm.
    3) B12 wheel
    4)Kat1100 right side spacer 21mm compared to GSXR 13mm.
    5) Kat1100 Brake Bracket and caliper.
    6) Two 7/8" ID x (0.135" or 3.4mm thick) washers on the far right of the axle.
    At this point I still needed to space out the brake caliper bolts and modify the torque arm mounts. Continue reading through post #3 for better pictures and spaced caliper.
    Here are the first pics from my iphone which has a screen protector that causes glare.

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    My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap

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    For any one that has the later style swingarm with the indents and wants to do the swap like "Nut-Nut", I have the parts.

    *** UPDATE: ***
    Parts no longer available !
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    My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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      Ok, got some some washers and bolts to space the brake caliper.
      The bolts are: M10 x 1.25 according to my local hardware store. I just know they are 1 1/4" long.
      The washers are 2mm each and I've got 2 on each bolt. So, 4mm each bolt !
      I still need to modify the torque arm some how.
      Here are some better pictures of the clearances between the swing arm and sprocket bolts. Sorry, this phone has a mirror protective film that makes it really hard see.

      EDIT: Upon further inspection, I found the brake line is too close for comfort to the tire. I've yet to figure out how I'm going to handle it. At this point, I'm considering simply strapping it tight against the swingarm with a zip tie, or just replacing the hose. I don't know yet.

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      My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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        Keep it up!
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          Originally posted by shpielers View Post

          Keep it up!
          I was thinking about the trouble you've been going through with your rear tire, not tracking and all. I thought you may appreciate the write up. Have you tried to use your stock spacers like I did ? I feel the older 5.5" slant spokes may line up too, but you know more about that than I do. Just saying.
          EDIT: Or try the GSXR spacers. FYI, GSXR brake bracket is 36mm thick & Kat1100 brake bracket is 24mm thick. Stock Kat1100 chain adjusters are 3mm thick per edge.
          The B12 & GSXR spocket carriers are the same thickness at ALL points, so they are almost identical. The only difference are the bearings sizes and a pressed on bushing on the wheel side of the B12 carrier.
          Re-read my post #1 for additional information to do calculations.

          As for my progress, I'm behind on a lot of bills. I've already over spent my cash limit on this bike. It looks like it may take a while to get to the front. I'm basically coping your method on the front rim, but I'm lowering forks. That means a few extra bucks to save which also means longer wait. Don't hold your breath. Thanks tho
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          My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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            My personal fabricator, Mr Stanely the 4 1/2 lb Sledge Hammer fixed my brake torque arm for me this afternoon. I must say, he does exceptional work and saved me a few dollars in the process. My tire won't be rubbing that thing any more. Now it lines up perfectly, so no spacers/washers are required.
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            My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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              Been gone for a while but Mr. Stanley gave me a chuckle. I don't suggest changing the bike's geometry by lowering the forks, though. As soon as the finances allow, swap the front to a 17" rim and you'll really like it.
              Wherever you go... There you are!

              17 Inch Wheel Conversion
              HID Projector Retrofit


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                Bill, my bike is a '88. From what I've read, I have the worst handling model. According to the web, Suzuki changed the geometry on later years. Just by looking at several other Kat11 pictures, I'm under the impression that my swingarm and my rake is different. My forks appear out further. Lowering it should bring them in a bit. Plus, my rear seems to sag which means the geometry is even more out of spec. Lowering it will probably do it some good and make it sit normal. LOL... Even so, I'm willing to adjust my riding style if I must. I just like the lowered stance that much.

                On the B-side of things, I have a little update. I felt like the pictures I posted of the spacing between the sprocket nuts and the chain adjuster were not satisfactory. Therefore, I took the time to actually measure the clearance, its 3mm. Yikes, thats closer than I first thought. Honestly, I'm gonna ride it any way until I get some things figured out. I just don't want any of YOU GIRLS getting hurt, so thinner fasteners should be on the menu ! EDIT: I've come to realize that 3mm clearance is what my Kat600 has from the factory. So, apparently 3mm is safe tolerance as far as Suzuki is concerned. I wish I would have measured the clearance before I started the swap. You girls may want to take a measurement before you begin, to confirm.
                Next, I've bought a new brake hose. I measured the distance between the master cylinder and the caliper bolt, its 15 inches. The most comfortable hose I could find was 18" inches and has straight, 10mm eye fittings. There is a little concern about it rubbing the rear foot peg bolt and the inner fender lip. It shouldn't be a problem if I notice I need to shorten a bolt or trim some plastic.
                Last, after riding the bike back and forth through the front and back yards of my house and the neighbors, plus a small field...of course I went over several humps. I noticed the inner fender had rubbed the tire. I think its done about all its gonna do.

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                My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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                  Hitting the inner fender is a normal result of using a wider tire. Nut-Nut and I have solved that problem by tying the inner fender to the frame on the right side using a couple wire-ties.
                  Wherever you go... There you are!

                  17 Inch Wheel Conversion
                  HID Projector Retrofit


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                    Lowered the front and replace my dust seals today. Its 1 1/4" lower. I must say, I love it. It sits even and my position on the bike feels alot better. I think my rear shock isn't good and causing sag. I can already tell it handles better just by beating around the yard and jumping humps. I still have the stock mushy fork springs. I wanted to see how far I could go before impacting the fender in stock fashion since my oil seals are ok. I used a old timers hot rod trick, smushing Play Doh between the horn and fender. After a few passes through my neighbors was able to hit a pot hole and catch some air. Although the Play Doh cushioned the blow enough that it would not completely bottom out the forks as it did before I placed it there, you get the idea that the stock springs only allow 1 1/4" drop. Once I install my Sonic 1.1 springs, I could possibly go a bit lower. For any one wondering how I lowered the bike, I bought some 41mm clip-ons.
                    I've posted before and after pictures. The before pics are from the ad I found on the web when I first purchased the bike.
                    I hope you all like it, I sure do.


                    My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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                      Got some goodies from the machine shop this mourning. What you see there is my chopped kick stand since I lowered the bike , a custom aluminum plate to mount the GSXR 1100 fender, gas tank block off plates to cap the acid bath/Kreem liner (I have the 3rd cap in the storage room) , shortened pre-98 rear wheel spacer for the Bandit 1200 17" front rim, and last but not least...drum roll...The Corbin "Gun Fighter & Lady" seat...
                      Not pictured are the Nissin 4 pots which I will need to clean up.
                      I may get to install it all this weekend if it doesn't rain, we'll see.
                      EDIT: Its at this point you may want to consider cutting extra spacers required to center the front rim. As you continue reading this swap thread you'll discover I had to buy extra washers to accomplish this task. So, cut a total of 3 spacers from the pre-98 rear wheel bearing spacer, a 1/8" thick, 2mm thick and what ever size the Bandit wheel needs between the bearings. Or, you can do like I did and buy washers from a hardware store. Just know this, those specific size spacers/washers are really hard to find.
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                      My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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                        FINAL UPDATE/CORRECTED !
                        Got a little done today. I ran into a issue with spacing. The 1990s B12 wheel appears to be not as wide as the K11 rim. Those are Kat 600 disc.
                        The 1st pic is me bending the Kat11 speedo drive tabs about 2-3mm to contact the B12 rim teeth. While I was at it I decided to make a dust cover for the bearing.
                        EDIT: I've decided against the dust cover because it may wobble around and bind up... The pre-installed bearing dust shield should be good enough. Those pop out so they be greased. Yes, I had to buy new bearings to fit the Katana 17mm axle because the Bandit 1200 axle is bigger.

                        Here is the dust cover finished...
                        EDIT: Don't make one of these because it may bind up/wobble around.

                        The 3rd pic is the gap between the rim and the fork leg. I need to buy spacers.

                        4th picture is my custom GSXR 1100 plate to mount to the Kat11 forks. I used a marker to center the tire with the plate. Also, I mounted the plate on the under side of the fork tabs to make it look better. It brings the fender lower to the tire.

                        The last picture is just a teaser of what the bike is going to look like. The fender is not bolted to the top plate, its just sitting on the tire.

                        I'll be hunting some spacers this week. Perhaps I'll get it done eventually.
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                        My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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                          Got my spacers today. For those who already read my last post above I corrected my measurements, I needed two spacers after all. Continue here for correct thickness.
                          After several attempts with different size washers I finally got the correct ones, or at least close enough to continue to the next phase. My results after tightening the wheel are as follows. The speedo gear side spacer I have is .688ID x 1.5"OD x .078" thick and its "Fastenal" part# 71025 or a two pack part# 2171025 Basically its 2mm thick.

                          The fork leg shaft spacer also required a additional 1/8" washer because the shaft didn't seem to slide as far as I'd like in order to tighten it properly. Don't ask for a part number because it a generic brand. All I can tell you is its a 11/16" lug nut washer. You would not believe how hard it is to find these little spacers.

                          Here is the fender mount centered with the tire. The speedo gear spacer could possibly be about 0.5mm off, or it may be exact. I'm fed up with searching for spacers at the moment, so I think its ok for the time being.

                          After sitting the bike down I was wondering if I picked up any extra room between the fender and the horn; just in case I decide to lower the bike more. I'd say its about 1/4" extra room

                          Here is the fender and tire spacing. While it could go a little lower, I'm not about to make a big thick plate thats 2 inches or space this plate any further...I'm happy I guess.

                          And now the moment you've been waiting for...back on the ground/side view.

                          All that I have to do now is attach the brakes then its complete.
                          Stay tuned !
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                          My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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                            Its finally done !
                            EDIT: You should have known better...Its not done! Read the next few replies to get the update on the disc brake rivet spacing !!!

                            I want to think "shpielers" for helping with this area of the swap...
                            Thanks man !
                            OK, like I said shpielers gets all the credit here, all I did was buy the parts. His 17" swap thread can be found here.
                            Here is my list of parts.
                            *1st, I had a extra set of Katana 600 disc brakes from a spare rim.
                            *2nd, I bought a used set of Nissin 4 pot calipers from ebay which are found on several older Suzukis which include the Bandit 1200, GSXR1100 & GSXR 750 and possibly some others. You'll have to research the years and part numbers because I'm too tired to do that today.
                            *3rd, I bought 4 bolts: M10-1.25x45
                            *4th, I bought several washers that after piling together made up a total of 10mm wide. The washers I bought are 5/16" and I used 24 total/6 per bolt.
                            *5th, because I lowered my bike 1 1/4" I was able to retain the stock Katana 1100 brake hoses (thank goodness).
                            So, on with the show.

                            Final thought, yeah I'm happy and it was worth it. Just take your time choosing your parts to help cut down on cost. When you need a back tire, just go ahead and get a used rim as well. Ride around with mis-matched wheels for a while until you need a front tire and repeat the process. Its all about patience, do it once and do it right.
                            EDIT: One thing I want you guys to check is the spacing between the brake disc rivets and the brake caliper pads. Mine are just a few millimeters from contacting each other.
                            Be safe !
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                            My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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                              Congrats! And you're welcome.
                              Having been dealing with washers as that you know the width you need, I'd visit that machine shop again and have them turn some spacers so you don't have to worry about lining up all those washers every time you pull the calipers. That's on my to-eventually-do list.
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