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Headlight bulb removal?

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  • Headlight bulb removal?

    I lost my low beam so I bought the new bulb, but had no luck removing the old one. How are they held in? I tried turning it and pulling on it, etc

    any help here? It's a 93 1100f

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    There's a little wire clip that holds it in. I just replaced mine for the first time last week.

    First remove the wiring and rubber boot that covers the back of the light. Then, if you are just reaching in from under the fairing you can feel the little retaining clip type wire at about 10 o'clock (looking from the front of the bike). You just push the wire in and up and it should pop right out. Don't worry about losing the wire, it's attached and just hinges out. The bulb should come right out once that's removed.

    Installation is simply reversing that. One note, do NOT touch the bulb with your fingers. The oil from your fingers will cause the new bulb to fail.

    Before trying any of this I suggest going to this thread: and downloading the manual. It says it's for an 88 but the information is accurate for the later 1100s as well. I don't remember the exact page but do a search in the manual for headlamp and you will find the section on it with a couple pictures that "might" help you out.
    92 1100 Kat


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      Thank you


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        Thanx, this just helped me out with mine!
        2000 Katana 600