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Debating Selling Motor and Other Parts...

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  • Debating Selling Motor and Other Parts...

    Unfortunately my 1100 Kat project keeps getting delayed and I am debating scrapping it. Just curious what the market is for the bike parted out? Whats a fair market price for an 1100 motor with about 9k indicated (mileage not listed on title)?

    If it's not much I may just store it away till I get more time.

    Also, if I do decide to sell it, what is the best crating/shipping method? Self crating and DHL/UPS/Fedex?

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    Due to the overwhelming response I guess I will just hang onto it for now...


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      $700 at least for an 1127 oil cooled engine. I have sold many of them and that is about the lowest price I ever got for one. If you remove the head and port and polish it, then advertise it as such, you can get a grand for it. not a bad jump for a days work.
      but figure about $700ish.

      if you part out the whole bike, and all the body is there and in good shape, a parted out 1100 is worth around $1500, give or take.
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        Hey, thanks, Mojoe. I have considered doing the same to the 1100 I have- I think I will finish painting it and keep it for a while. I have dreams of doing a 88 Kat1100/01 Bandit 1200/ 01 Triumph Sprint ST comparo, wrapped around a multi-day trip with my best friend, my son and I. Maybe next year.
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          Mojoe, thanks for the info!

          I'm not sure yet but I might put an ad in CL to see if I can help anybody out locally. Otherwise it may sit for a rainy week, along with all the other rainy week projects...


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            Interest in that motor


            I could be interested in that motor if you are still considering selling it.
            I wasn't supposed to do WHAT?!


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              I am considering it, I was thinking of starting on the local CL to avoid delivery hassles.

              What is the best way to ship a motor, I am assuming home crating + DHL or some other delivery service?


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                I had a motor delivered on a pallet sent via DHL. They didn't want to deliver it... but eventually they did...

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                  when I sell and engine, I charge a $40 crating fee, and I build a crate. I am talking a good solid one. 2x4's double up on the bottom...3 across...2x2 framing and closed in with 3/8 plywood. I spent a good 5 hours or so building my first one. now, once I get everything set to go, I can crate it in about an hour. I learned it was worth the effort when I had to lift the engine from the back of my xterra (fits nicely in the hatch) up about 3 or 4 ft to get in up in a loading dock. there were 2 of us, but I was carrying 75% of the load. I slid it up the wall and if layed down on it's side. No big deal and I pad the inside with Styrofoam. when I ship an engine, I always get an email or a call saying it arrived and packed great.

                  Here's a tip...there is a reason I use a crate. It is cheaper, and my shipper likes it better. why? cuz they can stack chit on my crates. I am 200lbs, and I have jumped up and down on them. I have had 2 of us standing on least 400lbs. It doesn't budge. a crate can knock a $100 or more off the rate. if you just toss and engine on a pallet, it can get damaged, and you can't stack anything on it. you are paying for the space it takes on the floor, all the way up to the roof of the trailer. if they can stack on it, you pay for less space....simple as that.

                  Stay away from UPS. they have to be the most expensive going. DHL wouldn't even ship when I inquired. I have a freight shipper I am with here, and I can ship an engine across Canada for under $200. The last one I ship to Alberta was $98.00ish. Very reasonable. I shipped one from Vermont to North Carolina....gotta tell ya, you pay a heck of a lot more than we do. That was like $240 US. cheapest one I could find.
                  I used It was not a pleasant experience, though. freightquote was ok, but the shipper tried to screw me. they tried adding 40 something pounds to my invoice. It was like $80 more. I refused to pay. I weigh on industrial scales, and know they are accurate. so if you go through a site like, or whatever shipper you use, make sure you know the weight before you send it out, and don't let them try to scam you.

                  Shipping an engine is easy, but it's also work. and if you do not have access to a loading dock, don't even bother trying. picking up something like that at a residential residence will cost you....or I should say, will cost the buyer. and if you do sell the engine on the net, make sure shipping is quoted BEFORE the sale. taking payment for the engine through paypal, then figuring out the shipping after might land you with having to give a refund cuz the shipping is too much.
                  I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                    Thanks alot man that's a great help! We do a lot of freight shipping where I work and I'd probably let them ship it.

                    I'm probably going to give it a few weeks and make sure I want to sell it, but if I do I will post it on here...