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Carburators spit???

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  • Carburators spit???

    I have a '91 kat 1100. Just got the bike a couple weeks ago and all that jazz brand new plugs and clutch in it. But sometimes wen I'm cruising along I hear just a little spit from what I think is carb 3. Now I do know that the jets in it are too big and it could have been going on for a while. It's not something I hear with my helmet on so I just noticed it last week. Any suggestions? Also it seems like my carbs don't throttle down quick enough. I think that it's the slides not coming down fast enough. The butterflies work just perfect so is this something that is normal amoung kats with these carbs? hit me back thanx

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    Sounds like it's time to pull them off and do a thorough cleaning and baseline setup on them. That's something I do anytime I get a new bike.

    I tear down the carbs and thoroughly clean the bowl and jets. Then I make sure all the floats are correctly set. Can do a rough sync off the butterflies here or just put them back on and do it with a manometer, which I do even if I did a rough sync before putting them back on. This is usually a good time to put in a new air filter because we know that previous owners NEVER put a clean filter in.
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      By a little spit do you mean like a little burble out of the exhaust?
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        1 of the intakes valves on #3 could be tight.


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          how about being too lean on the needle ? mine did that after i put the jet kits in. i raised it 1 groove on the clip and it settled down much better
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            Could it be jet size is too large? It's not the stock jets in the carbs now.