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  • Clutch adjustment

    As I previously posted I have been having problems with my 1991 Katana 1100 clutch. One fellow reccomended to adjust it as have many others whom I have spoken with. Does anybody know how to mechanically adjsut a hydrolic clutch? I'm trying to get the bike ready for a trip this week so I'm kinda in a hurry. Is this possible? I haven't found an adjustment yet

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    Not an expert but I was told that a suzuki hydraulic clutch has no adjustment to it, if it slips or fails replace it


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      my honda has a hydraulic clutch. To adjust mine I have to pull the handle about 1/2 way back. not all the way against the bar. you can use a small block of wood or just do it by hand. but pull it back 1/2 way, bleed it while holding it 1/2 way, and repeat a few times till your fluid is a steady squirt, no air. and it should work fine.

      You might have to do it 1/3 or 2/3 of the way if 1/2 way doesnt work for your bike but on my honda it works that way. it slips pretty bad if even just a little out of adjustment.
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