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Carb sync help needed

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  • Carb sync help needed

    I want to do a carb sync on my 93 1100f so I have borrowed a morgan carbtune to do the job but I'm having difficulty locating where to hook the carbtune up to the carbs at.I see the 3 sync screws between the carbs and what look like 2 vacuum barbs to hook on to but shouldn't there be 4 barbs to hook the carbtune on. On a different note I have some accell 7mm plug wires laying around and I was wondering if the stock plug caps just slide off so they can be used on the accell wires and is the coil side just a matter of unscrewing the wire.

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    Directly underneath the carbs are 4 brass screws, the two on the 2 left carbs pointing down and to the left, and the 2 on the right pointing down and to the right...

    If you can get this page to load, it wil probably show you pictures, it does not load for me...