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Starter Won't Disengage - Need Help

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  • Starter Won't Disengage - Need Help

    1992 GSX-1100FN Katana

    Problem began a few days ago. When I press the starter button, the starter engages and cranks the engine normally, but won't disengage when the engine starts.

    Even when I turn the key to off and remove it, the starter continues to crank the engine. Pushing the OFF switch has no effect either.

    The only way to cause the starter to disengage and shut off is to disconnect one of the battery cable connections under the seat.

    Yesterday I removed the starter button/RUN/OFF switch from the right side handler bar to have a look see. I didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary - no rust or corrosion. The starter button spring back when released too.

    I'd appreciate any advice on how to cure this problem.



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    Jake, the starter RELAY is hanging up. Pull the side cover that hides the starter relay & try hitting the starter button. When the starter keeps running, smack the starter relay with a small hammer or similar size tool. If the starter stops running, there you go. Ray.
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        Okay, thanks for that. My Suzuki manual shows the relay mounted under the seat right behind the battery. That's what you're referring to, right?

        I'll give it a try tomorrow.