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Cheap easy fix, 88 Katana GSX1100F

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  • Cheap easy fix, 88 Katana GSX1100F

    Hey guys, picked up this 88 gsx1100f about two months ago for $400.00, very decent body, only 20,00kms.. It was a little taken apart when I got it, and looked promising.

    So heres the guys story, He purchased it and had it insured a few years ago, one day the alternator dies, so he purchased a used alternator off ebay and installed it, fired it up and broke the alternator drive gear on the back of the clutch... the alternator must have not been off an 1100 obviously.. so the clutch and all that was taken apart when I got it, all the fairings taken off, gas tank & carbs, got a bucket of parts and ya.. So I ordered the alternator drive gear from maine, ny, and got a guy on from cali to send me the proper alternator gear(a bit smaller) got it for $50 shipped.. not bad... I have the gears installed as well as the clutch and alternator and starter.. Just found the crankcase cover bolts thread which saved me!!! and ya... But i'm going to take pictures of all what parts i have left and hopefully you can help me out, maybe tell me which screws are for what fairing and a few hoses and how to mount the gastank... i'm getting close to being done but want all the proper bolts/screws in their locations.. and i dont know how to install the fairings properly and gastank.. haha anyways some feedback would be excellent, I will be searching the forums every day, I was on for like a month untill I found this site... woohoo.. Glad to be here, name is Nathan.

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    Welcome to KR!
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      Welcome to KR and great score on the bike too!!

      Originally posted by jetmerritt
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          welcome to KR!
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            Originally posted by ThAzKat View Post
            welcome to KR!

            If you dont' have one, download a manual. Gives you the option to print out pages with directions of what your going to be working on.

            If ya do, and it's not enough, I'm sure we can help out here.

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              I have a Haynes manual that I ordered online and I have downloaded pretty much all the complete breakdowns online.. So I'm pretty set.. just need help putting the rest of her back together, last night I put the clutch cover on, bolted in the starter, put in the camchain tensioner, oil line to block bolted in... changed the oil filter and filled her up with castrol.. just need to hook up the carbs, install the fuel tank and seat and fairings...


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                  Welcome to the group. Stay safe!

                  Head up, eyes open... always!!!
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                    Hey Great score!! welcome to the 1100 club!! and KR too
                    WOW! your bikes really fast! you were flying when i passed you!

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                      A little jealous. I love finding those deals. Welcome
                      Are we riding yet?


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                        Well, hooked up the carbs and tank and she fired up quick and idles and runs decent... bit of smoke.. but its been sitting for 2-3 years and there was still a bit of ****ty gas in the tank and i havent cleaned the carbs(they dont really need it). Just having troubles bleeding the clutch, think i need to dissasemble the master cylinder and clean it up but other than that shes pretty much ready to ride..


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                          Welcome to KR

                          Good luck with your Kat.
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                            ya need any help let me know 1988 1100 kat......................


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                              word, thanks