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1988 Need all plastics, seat, front and back lights ,screen...

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  • 1988 Need all plastics, seat, front and back lights ,screen...

    Ok, I have to admit that this kitten needs plenty of love, the last owner hacked it to bits then locked in the garage for a couple of years
    I need seat and grab rails
    rear light and bracket
    front light, screen, bracket
    all fairing parts.
    I can paint and plastic weld let me know what you have!
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      I've got all front fairings for sail. I am keeping the side panels and rear. The whole front is up for sale. Name a price. Also, that would include the front windscreen assembly, mirrors and the tach/speedo cluster. I'm going for a street fighter.

      The right side was slid on and has a hole about 2"x2". Should be an easy fix. I also have sanded down some of it to be painted. There are a couple of microfractures around the mirrors. Other than that they're in good condition. I would recommmend buying a new screw and washer set for them though. The previous owner mix-matched the screws a little.
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      Are we riding yet?