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Added some Side Cases

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  • Added some Side Cases

    I spent most of the winter looking for some hard side cases for my 1100 and wasn't able to find anything. There was a thread discussing some hard luggage made by SHAD on here a month or two ago, and I ended up discovering these cases as a result of it. They don't have mounting kits for the 1100 (or the pre600 or 750, I don't think), but I looked at their pdf directions for the mounting kits for some of the other bikes and they didn't seem overly complicated to make, so I went ahead and bought the SH-42 sidecases.

    It was supposed to be nice all weekend, and I didn't have anything to do for a change, so I figured I'd figure out how the heck I was going to mount these.

    The cases have some protrusions on the bottom of them that are used in SHAD's mounting kits as support, although I did it a bit differently in mine than they do. I just measured the protrusions, took a piece of angle aluminum, and cut holes where the protrusions would be, and cut the aluminum down so that it was long enough to use the exhaust mounts as one mounting point. Also, you can see the hook that the bags latch to mounted on the tail lamp support.

    The rear turn signals had to be relocated, and while I originally thought I'd have to change to some aftermarket turn signals (potentially some license plate screw mounted ones), I ended up finding a way to relocate the stock turn signals and was able to reuse them.

    Also removed the rear reflectors, which suprisingly provided a mounting point in a nearly perfect place for another brace going down to the bottom support, which helps to stabilize the bottom support not only vertically, but horizontally as well, which was my bigger concern at the time.

    Same thing on the other side:

    And the finished product:

    Don't have any shots from the rear of it all put together yet, probably get some tonight.

    Nice not having to wear a backpack for a change
    Nick Googletalk: naskie18 AIM: naskie18

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    will be great for the storage looks good


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      Where did you buy the shad cases from?Does your mounting system give enough clearance from the hot mufflers in the pics they look pretty close to the mufflers.


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        Oh yeah, I could cruise that...

        Nice job!!!
        It would't be any fun if it was easy! BUT, it does have to be this much fun!!


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          Originally posted by mr8dog View Post
          Where did you buy the shad cases from?Does your mounting system give enough clearance from the hot mufflers in the pics they look pretty close to the mufflers.
          I got them from, although you may want to check with The CyberPoet, as he's a registered dealer for SHAD and may be able to get you a better price, although when I asked him to check he had a hard time getting ahold of anyone there.

          They are pretty close to the mufflers, but I don't expect the heat to be a problem. Thus far the inside bottoms of them haven't been even remotely hot. My plan was to put some heat shielding tape on the bottom of the cases, but right now I'm not even sure that I need to.

          Been nice being able to ride around the last couple days without having to wear the backpack...and it was really nice when I got to the hockey game last night and was able to put my jacket, backpack, and helmet in the cases and not have anything to carry into the game with me

          Thanks for the compliments, guys
          Nick Googletalk: naskie18 AIM: naskie18


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            That's some nice looking work, my friend ....
            The people who think they know everything always mess it up for those of us who do .....