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Windshield travel?

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  • Windshield travel?

    Anyone know how far the windshield is supposed to travel? I'm not sure mine is going up as high as it should, I notice along the left hand side of the windshield (assuming you're sitting on the bike), there are a number of black lines approximately an inch or so apart, and when I run mine all up as far as it'll go, the bottom line doesn't make it out the top of the fairing, it stays about 3/4 of an inch below it.

    Does that sound normal, or should it be traveling up a bit more?
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    I can't remember off the top of my head, but that sounds right to me. Mine extends approx 3-4 inches above where it was. I'll double check
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      Mine tops out with the last line a touch above the fairing. If I remember the camera I'll take a couple pictures of mine up and down. Assuming that mine will move up's been kinda picky about coming up.

      EDIT: Scratch that info I posted above there. I decided to tear mine apart to do some cleaning after reading the reply here about WD40. After a thorough cleaning it seems that it is correct that the windshield only raises to the point of the last line being about 1/2-3/4 inch below the fairing.
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        Originally posted by Arstine View Post
        Assuming that mine will move up's been kinda picky about coming up.
        Pull the fairing off and spray some WD-40 in there.

        I did that on mine and it moves up and down beautifully now, whereas before it was so slow and struggled so much I was concerned either the motor was dying or there was something in there pinching it significantly and restricting the movement.

        Shot some WD-40 in there and it moves great now
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