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Clutch slave cylinder

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  • Clutch slave cylinder

    I changed the clutch slave cylender and changed the fluid but now I'm having trouble getting the clutch to lever to build any pressure so i can bleed the line any ideas why it seems not to be taking any fluid?

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    Im having the same problem!! Very annoying.


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      I Got the slave cylinder to to bleed out and build pressure by bleeding the master cylinder first......... Now I blew the new slave cylinder apart again..

      This all started last fall, I replaced the clutch plates, per the manuals instructions. After replacing the clutch plates the clutch lever had way to much pressure and popped the slave cylinder...... Seems I'm back to square one here, and could really use some expert advise.
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        Nobody has any suggestions as to what would keep blowing the slave cylinder?


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          What do you mean by "popping" the slave cylinder? The piston is being pushed completely out of the bore? There is a metal cage that bolts on to the inside of the slave cylinder to prevent the piston from popping out of the bore. Perhaps that is missing? The cage has a hole on the middle to allow the pushrod to fit inside the slave piston.

          When bleeding the system after having it apart, leave the bleeder screw closed on the slave and bleed the master cylinder first. I do this by giving the lever fast, very short strokes. I even just slap the clutch lever quickly for 10 - 15 seconds, then squeeze it all the way in and slowly release it. You can see little bubbles come up out of the piston area. Keep doing this and eventually it will start to firm up, then you can bleed it normally. It generally takes about 10 minutes or so of pumping. You have to do this to the clutch master cylinder first though, then do the slave.

          Hope this helps. I had to replace the countershaft sprocket cover because the chain broke and busted it up. You have to disconnect the hydraulic line to the slave in order to get it out of the case.




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            My guess is that you have air in the line, but I don't have a lot of experience with hydro clutches.

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              The retainer for the slave cylinder was in place both times... I did bleed the line from the master cylinder figuring that air travels up, not down in fluid..... Im going to take the right cover off tomorrow and see if anything on the clutch pack looks out of place.