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17" Bandit Wheels for an 1100 swap

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  • 17" Bandit Wheels for an 1100 swap

    I picked up a nice set of Bandit wheels w/rotors (all 3), hub and cushions, sprocket, bearings, axles, and all..... with like new BattleAx's on both as well. Was planning a swap to my 1100 Katana.

    After mocking things up a looks to be quite of bit of changing to do it. Anybody else out there done this swap? Is it does it handle?


    Don't know if I wanna do that to my 8,000 mile amost perfect piece of Is it quite of bit of work? Anybody else want them for their project?

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    I've not, but I think one thing you need to look out for is the calipers rubbing the rear wheel if your using the stock bracket. I think you have to space the rotor out a bit, or swap the braket and use a larger rotor.

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      All I can offer you is this ......

      .... that's thing one thing about bikes, if you've the money, we've got your disease ....
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