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  • new to the life of KATS

    hello all. I'm new to the site and new to the katana. I was recently given a gift from my future father in law, a 1991 1100 Katana. this bike is awesome!!! I have so much fun riding even just going 2 miles to my work and home again. it was custom painted silver and red, has a 4 into 1 yoshi pipe, with a stage 1 kit, 37,000 miles on it. anyone have any advice as to tuning and upkeep on this 17 year old beauty? i will post pics on my profile soon.

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    welcome congrats on the new bike what a father in law good luck with the bike

    If you love it, let it go. If it comes back to you, you've high-sided!


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      Just common sense stuff :

      1. oil change every 3000-5000 mile (I run conventional motorcycle oil in my '88, some say synthetic is better, just as long as it gets changed using motorcycle oil)

      2. Regular tune-ups (valve adj, plugs, etc)

      3. monitor condition of fluids (hydraulic clutch, brakes, etc)

      Just the regular things you would look after for any motorized item. Congrats on the bike.

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        another gate rider...
        nice to meet you!
        Biker chicks know how to ride.....


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          Does your future wife have any sisters?


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            IMO - If the trip to work is low speed, low sustained RPM, suggest that you find a longer way home (at least). Continuous, short, low speed rides = fouled plugs.
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              thank you for the advice. I actually do take the long way to and from work. I've noticed a difference in how it rides.