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KAT1100 1989 Battery

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  • KAT1100 1989 Battery

    I typically replace the battery every year due to it being slowly cooked. If I go for a 200 mile high speed run, the battery needs water when I am done.

    I thought it was a failing alternator but I had the alternator replaced recently when the old one shorted out and it seems to still be doing it. Is there a cure or a better battery to purchase? Getting tired of the "surprises" when the thing needs a push at the most inappropriate times.


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    I'm not sure how the charging system in your bike works... but it sounds like there's definitely an issue there somewhere.

    I had a similar problem on my 81 GS1100, the rectifier and regular are separate from the alternator. The battery was being undercharged because of a bad unit. It sound like in your case, it's being overcharged.

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      it sounds to me like your regulator is allowing too many volts thru and you're boiling your battery, when the alternator is putting out full charge it should be "no more than" 14.8v , over that and your battery is going to suffer
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        Great reading on the alternator (stator) and the voltage regulator/rectifier

        Although it pertains to the GS series of Suz bikes the principles apply to the bit Kat. Do the stator/regulator tests as outlined in the fault finding document
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