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Mikuni RS 36 or 38's? Stock engine

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  • Mikuni RS 36 or 38's? Stock engine

    I know I'm switching to Mikuni RS carbs, but I was wondering if the 36's aren't a better match for the stock engine.
    My original carbs will not stop stinking up the place, I'm done with them.

    92 gsxr1100F

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    I have 38's on my modded 750 but probably a bit big but run really well would suit your 1100 ok 36's would probably work for you too the 38's are a little harder to tune down low for me but they are setup and running well I would go for the 38's as your drawing more air than me
    found my fuel consumption improved also
    They are a bit noisey they don't call them rattle slides for nothing
    You may have some difficulties depending on the state for your intake rubbers but found for me they just went on in place of the bst36 with a little bit of hot air gun and some red rubber grease after a few goes easy off and on
    The original air box rubbers may not fit see how they go I just run stacks and foam filters no probs
    Much better investment then trying to fix old carbs I found
    Some say they don't handle altitude changes as good as the CV but can't say anything about that myself
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      Thank you!
      This is exactly the info/advice I was interested in. 38's it is.


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        Did the 38s fit under your tank? I have a spacer under my tank to make sure my petcock doesn't dig into my carb.
        01 Bandit 1200 engine w/91 GSXR 1100 intake cam 36mm Carbs w/Stage 1 Jet kit/dual pod K&N filters. 90 GSXR 1100 wheels and front brakes. DID 530 chain. 93 GSXR 750 rear shock, Full Yoshimura exhaust system 4 into 1