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'90 Katana 1100 carb float needle swap

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  • '90 Katana 1100 carb float needle swap

    I'm sure this isn't a new question but I searched and think I have a new-ish question.

    I have leaking carbs and sure it's the float needles. I bought the bike with leaking floats and just polished the needles and seats (metal needles and metal seats) and got them to seal on the bench but sitting over the winter they are now leaking again (and the bike had a wandering idle after fixing an intake air leak so I suspected the needles were leaking a little.)

    Anyway, I guess it could be the seat o-ring.. I don't recall if I changed them, But I don't understand a metal needle tip into a metal seat without a tiny oring in the seat. So Im looking now for 4 needles and would love to put a viton tipped needle into the stock float and seat.. will the Jets-R-Us Part viton tipped needl part number 18-8944 drop in and work??

    otherwise it seems the only option to factory is the K&L 18-4729 metal tipped needle with metal seat available qty 4 shipped for about USD $70 within the USA.

    However, Amazon shows a K&L kit 18-9336 which contains a viton tipped needle, a seat, a bowl gasket, and 2 or 3 o-rings for about $24 each delivered.. (figgon $100 to get my $1000 bike to run - grrrr). So I just called K&L and they said that picture is wrong and this part number is a metal needle and metal seat. Paul at K&N recommended I try swapping the seat O-rings and polish the seats and needles else swap needle with seats..
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