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  • Oil Temp Gauge

    So I found a 1992 GSXR 1100 that looked exactly like my first bike about an hour from my house. I bought it. Then I found a 1991 GSXR 1100 totally complete and totally disassembled about an hour in the other direction and I bought that too because I need a parts bike. (somewhere around this point I told my wife I'd sell my Kat 1100) Today I walked into one of my local shops and walked out with a full Yosh Duplex system and for an extra $400 I got a 1992 GSXR 750 because I need a lot of stock parts to get through inspection. (maybe I should open a museum)
    Then it occurred to me that I would like an oil temperature gauge. They were everywhere 25 years ago for a/o cooled engines but I cant find anybody selling one or even saying where they sourced the parts. Does anybody have any suggestions about installing an oil temp gauge?
    01 Bandit 1200 engine w/91 GSXR 1100 intake cam 36mm Carbs w/Stage 1 Jet kit/dual pod K&N filters. 90 GSXR 1100 wheels and front brakes. DID 530 chain. 93 GSXR 750 rear shock, Full Yoshimura exhaust system 4 into 1

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    I use one of these

    Only it doesn't come with the sender but they are just general item.

    I originally had a stack gauge but it was analogue and would vibrate too much so thought I would just get a cheepy to try so far it's been on for some time and works really well surprisingly.

    You can get Yoshi ones I think Webike has them which can be fixed to a handle bar mount and sump plug fitting.

    I run the sensor from the main oil gallery via a M16 (?) fitting which in discussions may run about 10C° higher then the sump temp

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