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Whoo hoo- new oem carb slides !

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  • Whoo hoo- new oem carb slides !

    My bike has a hanging idle problem. Happens when warm , but not all the time. There are no vacuum leaks, bike otherwise
    runs great, throttle cable is fine.
    Three of my slides are worn. They have deep long scratches that can be felt with a finger nail. I havenít checked the rubbers for leaks.
    New slides from Partzilla are $155 each. For only a couple hundred more than that , one can buy brand new RS carbs!
    I got mine for $170 from a place in Australia , thatís about $43 each.
    The only difference between the old ones and the new ones is the old ones have what looks like brass rivits holding the slide to the rubber. The new one has nylon holding it to the rubber.
    Does anyone how these slides got these long, deep scratches ?

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    Picture? Mine looked fine when I had them pulled apart, but they only have ~20k miles on them
    1998 Katana 750
    1992 Katana 1100
    2006 Ninja 250

    2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles