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I just got full Krauser kit, but need help installing it.

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  • I just got full Krauser kit, but need help installing it.

    I have soft Chase Harper bags for my bike, but the straps are missing. Rather than replace the straps (around $30 or so) I saw a full set of GSX1100F luggage in Germany pop up for $350 delivered. This is side bags, tail bag, all the mounting gear and one key (very important!).
    Stuff looks good. There are some some scratches, but I I will sand them down, spray primer, then Krylon and maybe even a little clear, should look great.
    But, how these things mount? I can't find any instructions or pdf's on the 'net.

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    Are those the ones with the frame and turn signals ?
    Seems like those things would be cheaper than that as old as they are.
    I just do the shoulder/backpack thing.

    EDIT: Sorry, I always do this shit (edit that is)... but, what I was thinking. You could pay someone to fab you a frame and mount what ever aftermarket saddle bag for that price. Just a thought.
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      They don’t come up often and they also came with the trunk.
      I paid over $300 just for the Shad trunk on my c14 alone. Once you have had hard luggage, you’ll never again want to travel with a bag on your back or a twelve pack of beer tucked inside your jacket, resting on the gas tank!
      Not only do I have hard luggage on my c14, I also have liners ( soft bags in the same shape as the bags). Fill them up, drop’em in the panniers and away you go.
      On top of the convenience, these panniers are huge, with that trunk, they offer serious touring capacity.
      i plan on using this bike a lot as the errand ride, they includes trips to get groceries.


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        Makes sense, I have to make frequent stops everyday to get a little here and a little there. It would be more convenient that way.
        My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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          Another huge plus is that you can lock up your stuff while you do stuff and hey, it’s there when you get back.
          when you add luggage, the mission of your bike changes from a fun short term point a to point b ride that of mileage eating sport tourer. Speaking from experience, the 1100 is happiest when driven for at least 8 hours at speeds averaging 70-80 mph. It takes a “set” as of if it could say “ this is what I was designed for”