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1992 GSX600 Uncommon Decals

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  • 1992 GSX600 Uncommon Decals

    I have been searching high and low for years trying to find this GSX style decal but can't find any information. The bike was my uncle's and I'd like to remake the rear plastic in his memory. I've rebuilt 3 Katanas from the ground up already so I have the plastics. If anybody has any help, it'd be greatly appreciated. I know there were aftermarket things done to his bike but my other uncle swears he bought it with the body/seat colors as well as the decals from the dealership. This was a 1992 or 1991. Thank you again.
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    Ima say those are custom made decals. Looking through the decal offerings for '91-92, the 600 never came with anything like that. The 600 decal in the pic doesn't line up with the body line either.

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      I agree with Trakerrrr. I searched aftermarket as well and couldn't find them, although they look familiar. As a graphic designer, I know they could be re-created pretty closely from a photo and some measurements.