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Fuel system problem! Help!

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  • Fuel system problem! Help!

    So I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to bikes not gunna lie. I know guitars, I ride bikes. But I had my mechanic friend take a look at my '93 600 Kat and he couldn't seem to figure out the problem either.

    The bike won't start and it smells like the engine is flooding when you try. I had the carbs rebuilt last year and it rode fine for a couple days and then the problem returned. The only time that it has started since is when we disconnected the fuel lines and had one of the spark plugs out!

    All the plugs work and I have good compression so I'm pretty certain it's something to do with the fuel system. Any input would be appreciated!

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    Lets start with the simple...

    Is there fuel or gas smell to the oil. Is the oil over full? Has it been changed recently?

    Is fuel flowing correctly to the carbs? Petcock working, good fresh fuel in the tank? so on?

    Have you tried bypassing the carbs to see if it runs by just squirting a tablespoon of fuel into each carb body with the throttle open, and trying to start it? Does it run/start up for a moment?

    How's the plugs/spark and power to the bike? At least 11v at the coils when the starter is turning the motor over? Check that if you haven't.

    93 750 Kat

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