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    Ok guys and gals. Kinda feeling the itch....

    Never done a track day before. Can anyone tell me a little about it? Classes? Cost? What to watch out for? Format? (Is anyone going to double-over and puke from laughing too hard at me if I go too slow?)

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    im itching to do one too...there's a nice one down in maryland that stevnmd goes to alot, im looking to hit that one up in the spring. gonna be invaluable for everyday riding as well as the gap rally coming up!! 8)


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      I would like to go to a track day but first have to save up for some full leathers.
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        Depends on where and when you want to go Tom. SoCal Riders have alot of them in Parump, SCSB has them at Willow and Fastlaps has them at Fontana. I've only done the ones at Fontana and they are really good. First time out, you will have to prep the bike (taping up the lights, removing mirrors, changing out the coolant and safety wiring (maybe)). then you go through a safety school (was around 60 dollars, might be more now). Once you do that, you start out in the beginners class (no passing, except on straights, in line through the corners and experianced riders leading and trailing. You can work up a level or two (there are 4 in all) in a day if you're really good. No, you won't get laughed off the track (I haven't been yet) as everyone starts out in level 4 anyway unless you have already done a track day. I think Willow is similar to Fontana though.

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          There is this friend of mine that has this girlfriend that wants to buy him (and me ) a trackday for Christmas can anyone help?
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            Originally posted by BearKat
            There is this friend of mine that has this girlfriend that wants to buy him (and me ) a trackday for Christmas can anyone help?
            help as in what? if you want her to buy me a ticket down, I can help...hold an umberella? Fill the tank with gas? Ftch you snacks?

            I can do it! 8)


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              Track days are the absolute best investment in your riding that you can do. Nothing will make you smoother, faster, and more confident. Awesome experience!!!

              Actually, there is no road racing circuit in MD. I believe NFS was referring to Summit Point, which is just outside of Charlestown, WV...

              Check out and/or do a seach for track day organizers in your area. I'm sure there's several out there...


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                also if you take your bike you have to
                All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses, taped over or removed.
                Mirrors removed
                Remove all lighting fuses
                Removal of coolant and replaced with water & water wetter
                Tire weights taped
                Kickstand removed (you will need a bike stand if this is performed)
                elmet Helmet must be undamaged DOT full faced Helmet with face shield


                Riding Boots Riding Boots must cover the ankles


                Riding Gloves Gloves must cover entire hand and extend over the wrist


                Leather Suits Leather Suit may be one piece or two piece that zips together
                but if you want to be a better rider there is no better way to learn