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Potential new rider.

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  • Potential new rider.

    So my appartment mate, seeing me have a blast on my Kat, had finally buckled and is looking into getting a bike . He is a smaller guy, so the kat is gonna be a bit big for him.

    First, what are the sites like autotrader for bikes?

    Second, what are some recomendations for him (I'm gonna send him a link to this post). I got him looking into an MSF course, btw.


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    you can check out ebay if u know what you are looking for..but be weary and IMO, If you cant go see it first, dont get it.

    call around to local dealers and see what they have in mind for starter bikes. ninja500, older bandits, gs500f, older cbr 600s, etc.

    depending on the size of your friend a Kat might not be as bad of a choice as you might think, even though it is alittle big.


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      I'm 5'3" - before we lowered my bike, I was able to ride it and touch with the balls of my feet, but had some trouble backing up if I had to push very hard. Also, I didn't feel like I could get my foot down and push up hard enough in low speed turns to keep it from falling over. (Happened once ) The lowering links drop the bike 2", so you HAVE to lower the front forks to match, or your suspension will be off. This will make the bike very difficult to control, especially at slow speeds! With the links installed, I can touch flat footed with both feet and I have no trouble - it's the best thing I could have done for me.

      If your friend isn't short enough to drop the bike with links, you can try adjusting the suspension. There are 7 different settings - I believe it comes preset at 4.

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        they make lowering kits for the 98+ Kat's
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          Congrats to your bud and +1 on MSF. eBay and Cycletrader are the big two, but I've found some great deals on Craigslist. (naturally when I have no money! ) I like it because it's local.


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            MSF + GS500E/F = great stuff for beginners 8)

            I'm still of the oppinion that the Kat (esp. the 750) are atleast intermediate level bikes :P
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              I would recomend the older GS500E, Light and no fairings to worry about if it gets droped..

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                MSF is a definite. Go to the dealerships and check out the different styles. It cant hurt to try them out.
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                  Yeah, those new 500cc Suzuki Sport Bikes are pretty sweet, and great beginner bikes.
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