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  • Kat 1100 stuff

    Just posted my introduction and thought I would get right to it with the questions. This seemed to be the right category. Bought a '91 Kat 1100 on July 1 and love it.
    1. It is missing the owners manual. I know that it is a sorta silly thing to want, but I like to read things, and I figure it has probably got some usefull info. My 2 local dealers say they can't get it at all. Does anyone have an orphaned manual to sell? If not, I would send you a few bucks for your trouble if you would photocopy yours and mail a copy to me.
    2. Anyone have any ideas about bar risers. Helibars, Stohrs (sp), Gen-Mar luck. Because the 1100 was sent to Europe for a few more years, I'm thinking that something may be available there.
    3. How about windshields? Mine is is good shape, I just wish it were a little bigger.
    4. I would love to put a set of driving lights on the forks. I am electrically impaired. Does the 1100 put out enough juice to handle lights. I'm not talking killer PIAA lights ($$$), but the $40 55W things at WalMart look promising. And affordable.

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    speedsceens are good windshields
    Katana 750 2002