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Tips on Being Seen?

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  • Tips on Being Seen?

    Other than painting a bike hot pink, and wearing the bright yellow reflective "construction worker" vests - what are good ways to get the attention of other motorists on the road?

    I've had a nice bright red Joe Rocket jacket that I've worn for years, but am wanting something more if I decide to get back on the road nowadays.

    Thanks guys!!

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    Headlight modulator, Icon mil spec vest, upgraded horn, rocket launcher, middle finger, etc....

    Originally posted by jetmerritt
    Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.


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      still gotta get that rocket launcher
      ...peaking from under a sleeping bag..."Hi, I'm Zuma"

      I'm already in a club but we have Bombers, Fighters and Big Friggin Guns!!!


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        Hell no to that flickering headlight nonsense.

        Go with a HID setup...

        I use the reflective wheel stickers, a good jacket with plenty of reflective piping and material.

        a good exhaust thats wakes the elderly NOT THE DEAD the elderly.

        Definitley an upgraded horn. If i only had space for a horn... OEM cadillac horn does well on my buds harley

        And tune your riding skill an avoid the bad spots in traffic.
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          yeah, there isn't a great deal of stuff you can do except doing what you said. you can wear a nice bright reflective vest, that's probably the best way to go, buuuut, not the most stylish lol. definitely find a jacket with good reflective material on it. you can always add reflective tape to your bike. some people have gone heavy duty on it to make sure their seen, and others (like me) just add a few things. for instance, i added 2 white/silverish reflective strips to the front forks on either side. very reflective stuff, but doesnt look too bad on the forks either. reflective wheel tape is a nice safety and style addition. HID headlights are a good route, i'd like to get them at some point, but for now i just run high beams 24/7. the headlight modulators are nice during the day, they do draw attention to you, but i personally just run the high beams at all times. idk what the laws are like in louisiana, but you can also see about installing a bunch of LED's under your fairings which will make the bike stand out a bit more and look way cooler. a loud exhaust is always good, D&D if you ask me (i love it sooo much). horn is a great and cheap addition as the stocker is a piece of crap, unless you enjoy sounding like a clown car. and if all the above still isn't enough, you can always hide away in a lab somewhere and develop forcefield technology.
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            As Tracker said, the middle finger gets lots of attention. People seem to notice me as soon as it goes up. It's like turning the invisibility shield off.
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              i mounted some driving lights on the top of the fender
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                I drive around constantly shooting a shotgun into there air yelling "bowling! get your bowling here!"

                Custom exhaust? loud bikes save lives
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                  I hate to say it, but my old '77 xs750 with a straight pipe always turned more heads than my 97' 750 with a stock exhaust.
                  After a point, the exhaust just gets attention because it ****es people off, which makes them want to hit you, the opposite of what you want =)

                  One thing I havent seen in this thread yet - Ride more visibly - stay close or far from adjoining cars based on the situation, never ride in a vehicle's blind spot, approach intersections cautiously, stay in the side of the lane most visible to others... lots of ideas but I don't remember them all.

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                    Originally posted by Angel View Post
                    After a point, the exhaust just gets attention because it ****es people off, which makes them want to hit you, the opposite of what you want =)


                    That is exactly why i said an exhaust hat wakes the elderly not the dead.

                    HID conversion for Katana's ar 69.99 not a big price for ehat it does at night.

                    IF you Shoot me a PM and i will show you where to snag good kits for 70 bucks.

                    A good stylish way too be seen is Chrome your frame, swingarm and anthing else. Its stylish and reflective.
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                      I like to drive along honking my horn every 3 seconds or so. I have one of those noisy horn upgrade things so it's pretty loud. A nautilus something. It seems to get everyone's attention.


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                        Get one of those mohawk thingies for your helmet prefferably in hot pink!


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                          Isn't having a loud horn really only useful for berating the driver after avoiding the accident? Unless you go around honking your horn constantly.
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                            I have a helmet that a gorilla glued and afro onto. I get an amazing amount of attention. Maybe a little too much. I get my picture taken every time I go riding.
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                              If they cant see you make them HEAR YOU!!!
                              Do The Chicken Dance