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  • Exhaust/Jet Combo......

    I know everyone has probably heard this discussion a thousand times already,so I apologize ahead of time!!I'm planning on picking up a full D&D exhaust(Race Pack/Black Satin),and a Factory Pro Stage 1 jet kit for my 98 Kat 600...Any opinions on this particular combo?!Would I need to pick up anything else(i.e.gaskets,degree advancers,etc.)to make this combo work,and get the best gains possible with a dyno tune?!Any feedback would be awesome!!

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    It'd pretty much rock with a 5 degree advancer, full race pack exhaust and a Factory Pro jet kit. You'd be flying on your crotch rocket.


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      on mine i have a full exhaust headers to can. and a stage 3 jet kit professionally installed[i didnt feel comfy drilling the slides myself]. but my bike is a hybrid its a 600cc katana engine in a 750cc katana frame. but my setup allows me to absolutely fly on my bike but my bike doesnt do idle speed very well. and my bike doesnt have any advancement at all