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what have you hit on road

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  • what have you hit on road

    last year on the same stretch of road I dodged several blocks of hard wood
    Today we were riding in a group and I hit a lid off a 5gl pail
    All I could think of was this video , fortunately it didnt bounce or anything I barely got a chance to shift my weight to the pegs before hitting it

    [ame=""]YouTube - tray slide[/ame]
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    I have hit:

    2 2x4s.. (did the front back brake hop thing)

    1 plastic bottle

    1 10-15lb live turkey (very messy)

    1 robin (stuck to my chest at 60mph)

    thats pretty much it

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      so far all i have hit is plastic grocery bag and a lot of bugs. then again i really havent been riding long.
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        I hit a small deer (button buck) it jumped right in front of me out of nowhere, didnt have time to react, I split it in half, the front half, shoulders and head, stayed wedged in my forks as my bike and I skipped down the road... no such a fun time. I have spent the last year rebuilding my bike as it only had 2380kms on it or roughly 1500 miles for my American friends. Bent my forks all to hell, triple trees and no plastic was saveable. its been a fun project and just about complete. hope to be on the road again in late April.


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          I've hit a 2x4 and a piece of ~2x2 steel square stock. The square stock was on the highway, didn't have time to get my *** far enough off the seat so the boys weren't too happy.
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            The usual...
            Frozen Turkey


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              A canadian goose, multiple times


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                A 4x4 (wood, not the 4x4 truck type) that some little ghetto kids tossed out in the road in front of me.

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                  A while back me and my brother were riding down a country road and a rabbit shot out of the hedge line and through my brothers front and back tyre! amazingly the rabbit was unharmed. was one of the coolest things ive seen. Bet the rabbit needed a change of underware


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                    The usual gravel patches mid corner, birds bouncing off the windscreen, black ice for a 12 mile stretch on my last ride of the year in Nov last year. I think the worst thing I hit would have to have been the strip of antifreeze in the center of the lane on a freeway offramp, right after I started riding. Both wheels locked up, and I nearly slid through a red light at the end of the ramp into a busy intersection, luckily I kept it up, and saved it. Now any time I come to a stop at any intersections, I make sure I'm to one side of the lane or the other, to avoid the bad stuff that drips normally from around dead center off of cars.
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                      A mustang GT (broadsided it)
                      a truck bumper

                      And lots of twisties!
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                        Yeah , I've hit a few things .....
                        I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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                          It was my wife not me. Fortunately, I was in front of her. We were out on a group ride with some friends on a summer day in Arkansas. My buddy's wife kept crowding closer to my wife, trying to hold a conversation and my wife, still pretty new to riding kept inching away to the right to keep some breathing room. Pretty soon she was on the shoulder. About the time she started spitting gravel we came over a slight rise and she saw the dead dog right in front of her, swollen up with rot-gasses from being out in the heat. She didn't have anywhere to go so she rode right over the thing, splattering the carcass all over the bottom of her bike, the lady right next to her and our buddy who was following in his convertible with his new girlfriend. (His Harley wouldn't start that day - big surprise) We stopped at a gas station a couple of miles ahead and peeled the jerky off her pipes. From then on, my wife's name when we were riding was woofy!
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                            I forgot about the wasp I hit once on the freeway going around 75mph. Hit me in the nexk and got burried under the skin. That one hurt a bit.
                            '05 GSXR750, '86 FZX700 Fazer, wifes bike '02 R6


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                              A NJ pothole

                              lmao..sorry man
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