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    Ok, my buddy and his wife just passed the MSF course and he's looking into getting a bike. His first one. Never rode a bike before the course. He found one on eBay and I told him I would come in here to get some opinions on it. The mileage is pretty high so we're not sure if he should place a bid on it. I'm still gonna try to talk him into a katana though.
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    Other than the high mileage it looks like a nice bike. The bids are at $2000 and the reserve has been met, so I wouldn't bid too much higher on it.

    I'm not so sure on its power, but I'm betting it'll be quite a bit less forgiving than a Katana, especially for a new rider.

    My $.02...
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      my cousin has the same exact bike zx6e, its not the R version. its a nice bike, the 2nd gear in those bikes always go. my couisn has rebulit his tranny 2 times.
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        sounds like an r6 if second gear always gos.
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          Tell your buddy to go for a kat, its a great bike to have and its very comfortable for long rides.
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            Originally posted by Tito750
            Tell your buddy to go for a kat, its a great bike to have and its very comfortable for long rides.


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              And tell him to be careful.. The ZX6 is no slouch for new riders getting acclimated to motorcycle riding.


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                Life span

                how long do these engines last?
                I see the term "squid" all the time. Please define a squid


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                  Im in the NAVY. Im a squid. I am not sure of the motorcycle term though.
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                    Squid refers to those that ride motorcycles w/ no thought or care to how it affects the general public, the image or motorcycle riders, or the law.

                    Stunting in traffic, riding at high speeds and cutting off other motorists, running red lights and generally being an a$$ on the roads.

                    Some also define squids as those that ride w/ no gear.


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                      We have Squids galore in PA...

                      Anyhoooo....I'd try and get your buddy to go with a Kat. My Kat is a 600 and it is more than enough power. It is also my first bike and I started riding about 4 or 5 months ago. I think I'm doing on it. If he doesn't go with Kat, that's okay. At least he is riding.

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                        Thanks WildKat that makes sense. I don't believe Firewa11 though. Just happy that it isn't me, safety and common sense prevails.


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                          My first bike was a Kawasaki EX500. That bike is a perfect first bike. Small and light weight, yet still has some get up and go. After he rides that for a year, he will be ready to hop up to a 600 or 750 no problem.
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