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hello my first kat questions

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  • hello my first kat questions

    hello!! all i am new here and i have a couple of questions . first i have decided my first bike will be a kat. now my questions are ,first i love the sound of a gixxer or r6 ,or ninja,winding up if i was to put an aftermarket exhaust on a kat would it have the same tone ? second how much am i looking at for the rear seat cowl that i see a couple of you guys have on the back of your bikes? i know these arent exzactlly priorities but i have already taken a msf,have gear (full 2 piece suit helmet gloves etc.) and asked every single scenerio question over at so any input would be appriciated thanxs.

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    ah sound i like yoshi and most of the canadians will say hindle but i like yoshi alot, i have a d&d right now and i think it sounds like a yoshi but just a lot more lout and harsh. next youcan get acowl from jim and they around 110 bux i think. oh jim, his name is braadajim on here *if i spelt it right*


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      Note that the cowls come unpainted as well. Factor in the cost of painting it yourself (if you're confident) or taking it to a shop. I'd say to set aside $200 for the seat cowl.


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        Go for the katana man, put a D & D exhaust on it and you will be heard, Trust me.
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          All the above exhausts listed are good..its just a matter of what type of sound ur looking for.. as Tito mentioned, you'll definately be noticed w/ a d&d !!

          rear seat cowl that i see a couple of you guys have on the back of your bikes?
          There's alot more than a couple of us The cowls are great..once u get it and have it painted, u'll start to get questions like, hey, what kinda bike is that? or hey, that doesnt look like katana's Ive seen before!